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The girls of Persona

A showcase of the various girls who appear in "Persona", "Persona 2: Tsumi -INNOCENT SIN-", "Persona 2: Batsu -ETERNAL PUNISHMENT-", "Persona 3", "Persona 3 FES", "Persona 3 Portable", and "Persona 4".

List items

  • Minako-chan's Chariot S.Link.

  • Minato and Minako's homeroom teacher, as well as the true face behind the mysterious "Y-Ko". She has quite the sweet tooth, and bribing her with a cake may lead to a better grade.

  • The super-sexy keeper of Minato's Persona Compendium. Liz possesses the Wild Card ability, just like Minato does, and she is classified as a superboss.

    According to popular belief, she also lost her virginity to Minato during a P3 FES sidequest.

  • Igor's assistant in Persona 4. Margaret is the older sister of both Elizabeth and Theodore. She makes an appearance in P3 Portable as an optional superboss.

  • A former JPop idol wishing for a shot at normal life. After her Persona awakens, she falls deeply in love with Souji. Souji and Rise are hinted at being the canon couple in P4. I also happen to love her...A LOT.

  • Heiress to the Amagi Ryokan in Inaba, Japan. She takes Fuuka's place as the Priestess Arcana.

  • Gekkoukan's Student Council Treasurer for the 2009-2010 school year; she would become Student Council President during the 2011-2012 school year.

  • The SMOKIN' HOT heroine of Persona 3, P3 FES, and P3 Portable. She is Minato's canonical girlfriend, and it is heavily implied at the events of her Max Social Link that she has slept with Minato at least once.

    I happen to be in love with her.

  • A second-year student at Gekkoukan High (rumored to be in class 2-C), Yuko doubles as the manager of whatever sports team Minato chooses to join.

    (Personally, I prefer kendo over swimming and track...more authentically Japanese, but I digress)

    Yuko's appearance represents the Japanese phenomenon known as "ganguro". Look it up on Wikipedia for more details.

  • An enemy combatant from Persona 3, who plays an important role in Junpei Iori's personal story. She is a goth lolita with a talent for sketching.

  • The shy, foxy Support girl of SEES. Though her cooking is totally horrid, she has a heart of gold, and is apparently ticklish around her abs.

  • The daughter of Americans who became naturalized Japanese citizens. Her dad is a MAJOR weeaboo, and is trying to turn his daughter into a Yamato Nadeshiko. I think Lisa's fine just the way she is.

  • The primary female protagonist of Persona 1.

  • A female character from Persona 1.

  • The main character from PERsona 2: ETERNAL PUNISHMENT. Not quite as hot as Lisa.

  • Maya Amano's photographer

  • The female counterpart of Minato Arisato, the protagonist of Persona 3. Unlike Minato, Minako is highly outgoing and sociable, striking up conversations with everyone she meets.