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New place!

So, after over a week hiatus, I am back to write about the new place I will be staying in come September.  It is in Cornwall, which is a small city (60,000 people or so) north of Ottawa, and I will be going to St Lawrence College there.  I am there for journalism, which should be pretty cool, as I get on the school paper just by being in the program, and then have different opportunities to write for the city paper and other things.  Anyway, I went up to see my place... And its so awesome!  It is an old 4 story red-brick house, located right downtown, and I get the entire attic, which is 2 huge bedrooms and a small kitchenette (sink/fridge/oven).   Its awesome because the rooms are so cool, so vintage and yet modern at the same.  The house is in the perfect position for me as well, since I will be working at the bookstore in Cornwall, which is a 10 min bike away, and the school is 10 min away in the opposite direction. 

So things are good on that end... I finally got my student loan approved as well, so $10,000 is waiting for me when I head there on my first day.  I've still been running everyday, minus one day last week when it was pouring rain, and my foot hasn't given me any trouble, so thats a good sign!

Soul Caliber IV is still awesome fun, I have created I think 2 or 3 characters, and I have to say, Voldo's fighting style is so amazing.  I probably won't play it too much more, unless one of my brothers wants to do VS. for a bit.  Then again, thats what gives fighting games their eternal awesome-ness, I think... The fact that VS. mode is so fun.


No more pain!

So, today I went for a 12k run, and had no pain from my foot throughout! I had it wrapped of course, and was wearing my new cross trainers, but its still a huge difference from 5 days ago when I couldn't walk up or down the stairs without hopping on my right foot.  Its soooooo good to be able to run again.

On another note, I have been playing Soul Caliber IV, and it is pretty fun, I've gotta say.  I'm using Kilik and Cervantes the most, and I am working on creating my own character, but there is so much depth and customization available in the character creation that I am having a hard time finishing my guy.  Seems like a pretty fun game though, even though typically the only fighters I have ever played since Street Fighter days are the Tekken games. 

Anyways, thats it for me for now... If anybody reads this and has Soul Caliber IV for the PS3, let me know, maybe we can play some matches online!


Wow, Lost is awesome!

So, I just finished season 4 of Lost. What an awesome finale!  I think season 4 overall was better than season 3; I really liked the flash-forwards they used mixed in with flash backs. 

On another  note, my foot is almost 100% better I think, the only way to know for sure will be to try running again, so I plan to go tomorrow afternoon since I have the day off from work. 

I'm still looking for a good game to play... I'm thinking of playing through F.E.A.R or Oblivion or something again, but I dunno... I have The Witcher as well, which I never beat, though I really enjoyed playing it... Too many games to play but too little motivation to play them!  I'm really looking forward to Far Cry 2 and Fallout 3, but its going to be forever until they hit shelves!


FF Tactics: War of the Lions

Uh, what the heck? This game seems to be impossible to find, anywhere. I live in Ottawa, which is a fairly big city, (over 1 million), with lots of Best Buys and Future Shops, not to mention EB games and Gamestop.  But at EB, where I work part-time, the game has been cancelled and we don't expect to get any new ones in.  I have checked the other EB's in Ottawa, and same thing - nobody has any in stock.  After looking through all the shops I know of in the city, online and in person for some, it seems NOBODY has it in... And not because its sold out, but rather because its been canceled.  This pisses me off, as it is a game I really, really want to play, and one I would go out and buy a PSP for (yeah, I don't have one). 

The original FF Tactics was one of my favorite games ever, and this one is supposed to be even better (though essentially, I understand, the same thing).  Anyway, I guess I'll have to order it online from Amazon or something, but I find it really weird that stores, and EB, continue to carry crappy titles and yet cancel titles like War of the Lions, which is one of the best games for the PSP.


Lost season 4

So I'm done with season 3, watched all the episodes in the last 3 days, and now I am onto Season 4!  Hopefully its as good or better than season 3 was, though it sucks Charlie won't be in this season much (except maybe flashbacks and whatnot).

On another note, my foot is almost healed I think, I can walk fine without it hurting without my stress wrap, I'll have to try running on it tomorrow before work!


Random, boring nonsense

So... I am going to college next year after a 3 year break from highschool. Since 2004 I have been working in a bookstore and video game store (Chapters and EB), both part-time, and somewhere along the way I have realized I really want to review games, and edit novels, and maybe even write novels someday.  Oh, and I also want to be a journalist, which I guess kinda ties in with the 3 aforementioned careers.  Anyways, I am going to college in September to major in journalism, and after my first year I hope to do a student exchange to either the United States, China, Japan or Australia...  I'm keeping my options open.

But damn! School is so expensive!  I'm not even going to a "great" college so to speak, its pretty average, and it was $3,000 for a semester plus another $1,500 - $2,000 for books and equipment (one of my classes is photo journalism, which requires you to have a specific camera with different lenses, all of which costs a minimum of $799).  Its crazy though, because I don't even care, I am just stoked to start school, which sounds weird cause in high school I definitely sat at the back of the class and talked through all my lessons... But college will be different somehow!  I won't sit at the back, for one, and it's my money I am using to pay for it, so I have a feeling I'll be a lot more motivated to do well...

Well thats it!  Random blogs, about a pretty uninteresting life, for the win!


Lost - The Game (#2)

So, this is probably one of the worst ideas ever, but I just cant stop thinking about how awesome it would be if a game developer actually made a really awesome game of the hit TV show Lost... I know, its been done, and it wasn't great.. But I think the potential COULD be there.  It'd probably have to be an adventure game, but an open world Oblivion style game might work too, with some nice cutscenes and good dialogue/voice acting.  I don't know, this is all kind of random - I had watched the first two seasons of Lost as they aired on TV, but then missed the last 16 or so episodes of season 3.  Today when I had nothing to do I decided to buy the 3rd season of Lost, and I've watched about 10 episodes today and I have to say, I am impressed with how good the show *still* is after this long.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll wake up tomorrow morning and think about a second Lost video game and realize it is probably a horrible idea, but for now, in my semi-awake state, the idea of playing as Jack/Sawyer/Locke/Kate/Sayid and co., while exploring a vast jungle island inhabited with polar bears and mysterious Others and sinister shadows that knock down trees and kill people, is quite enticing.


LFG (game - not group)

Man, I need a good game to play, for any console... It's been a month or two since I have really been into a video game (the last one being Metal Gear Solid 4), and when I find myself with some free time on a rainy Sunday afternoon I realize I don't have any new or exciting games to play.  WoW held my attention for 3 years, and I was lucky enough to see everything it had to offer (well, up to the first boss in Sunwell Plateau, at least) but it isn't a game I like to play during the summer; I find it is too easy to get hooked back into it and then before you know it there is snow outside and summer is gone.  AoC is really fun to log in and play for a couple hours a few times a week, but I don't think it has the same staying power as WoW (at least not yet).  Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, Team Fortress 2, and Civilization IV are also other favorites of mine but I think my interest in them is dwindling as well. 

I need a new Counterstrike: Source to come out!  The original CS is what got me into PC gaming in the first place, and I played from 1.3 - 1.6 and then got Source when it came out.  So, thanks Valve! 

It is kind of tempting to go play GTA IV, I haven't even scratched the surface of the single player content in that game - I find every time I turn it on I just run people over and do other random crazy shit for an hour, then turn it off.   Anyways, gonna ice my foot now, and maybe finish the book I'm reading!


Injuries and boredom!

So, today I had an MRI scan for a foot injury I got last week while running.  It was a rainy day and I didn't want to ruin my good shoes by running with them on in the rain, so I wore some old ones that had built in orthotics from when I used to do track... Well, by the end of my 14km run my shoes were soaked, but I felt as though my feet had adapted to these new, uncomfortable shoes and they didn't hurt.  I got to work that night, however, and my left foot began hurting; sharp, intense pain starting right below my ankle bone and running up the metatarsals in my foot to my toes.  Anyways, I waited a week to get it checked out, mostly cause I figured I had just bruised it or pulled a muscle with the old shoes, and that it would heal itself in a couple days.

Turns out I have a hairline fracture, which kind of sucks, cause its the worst injury I've had in my 21 years, and I've been doing sports all my life.  Also, its going to render me a cripple for 3 weeks until it heals, so I'll probably be pretty bored!