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geoDefense is one of the best tower defense games on the iPhone 0

 Yay, another iPhone tower defense game!    I was drawn to the price (1$) and the graphics but after playing geoDefense for several weeks, I find it one of the best tower defense games on the iPhone simply because it is implemented so well.  The game doesn't do anything revolutionary or ground breaking so if you're weary on the whole tower defense genre, you can probably pass this one.  But if not, this is one of the best executed TD games on the iPhone.   The graphics bring the action to life....

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I hope Ascaron makes a Port Royale 3, because PR2 is a let down 0

Recently, I bought this on Steam since it was uber cheap (around $5), but I regret even that.  I bought it because it had interface improvements/bug fixes over the original Port Royale, and if it was just that, I'd be ecstatic since the first PR was so much fun.  Unfortunately,  Ascaron actually managed to make some key gameplay elements far worse and as such, this sequel is a huge leap back from the original Port Royale.First, let me warn others that if you do buy the game, you must disable Dat...

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