Complex/Rockets Podcast Ep. 54 - On the Charts and In Your Hearts

Join us for the first episode of the Complex/Rockets podcast in what we can only estimate to be nearly a decade. We feature mish-mash of the some of the hottest news stories of the past month; the classics, if you will. I also used our time away to finish off some games I left open while starting about a hundred more.

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In this episode you'll get discussion of such all time classics as...
Portal 2!
The new Nintendo console!
The time those people sued EA over football games!
Dead Space 2!
Fallout: New Vegas!
Burnout Crash name leaked by AU Ratings Board!
Apple Stores!
Razor Callahan!
Dragon Age II!
Sony settling charges with GeoHot!
Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands!
Microsoft's new DVD format!
Dawn of War II!
PSPgo production halted!
Targeted sex ads!

And much, much more... (not really)