Hey everybody its Tuueeesday!

So, like many others on this site I felt the need to say something about the passing of Ryan Davis.

I didn't know Ryan personally, I never met the guy, I only had limited interactions from him via Twitter and a couple of e-mails I sent into the Bombcast. But to listen to Ryan podcasts and videocasts was to feel that you knew him personally. Ryan was that guy you knew that you loved and were jealous of at the same time. Under the frame of a lovable asshole was the lightning fast wit of a veteran standup comedian. Ryan had the kind of turn around on jokes that comes from years of theatre training in improv comedy, yet to my knowledge he didn't have that kind of education. His sense of humor seemed to come from the streets, the most dangerous type of comedic voices. Some comedians spend years working on finding their 'voice'; watching Ryan from his time on Gamespot to becoming the lead chair on the Bombcast you can hear how that voice is found and perfected. I had always hoped that one day Ryan would take a hiatus from the site to work on his stand-up routine, cause I know that he would have killed it on stage. His name would be spoken about alongside other Improv geniuses like Paul F. Tompkins or James Adomian.

I've been through all 5 stages of greif over the last 24 hours (as of when I started writing this it has been 24 hours since I first heard about it) and I think that I have finally accepted what has happened. We have all lost a person that we felt a deep personal connection to. The spot that he has left in the Giant Bomb office, the podcast room, and in the hearts of his co-workers will never be filled. Sure at some point a new staff member will sit in that desk chair and will be added to the podcast, and when that time comes we will have to accept that this is a person who isn't filling Ryan's New Balances, but rather a person who was good enough to bring something new to the team. There will never be a replacement for Ryan Davis. The trouble is moving forward in acceptance of this.

I wish I could hear him announce 'It's Tuueeesday!" again. I wish I could hear him report on how much of a pain in the ass setting up his XBOX ONE was over the Thanksgiving Holiday. I wish I could hear his thoughts on the next Michael Bay or Steven Soderbergh film. I wish that when Tweeted at him last night that he would tweet some asshole remark back. But that isn't going to happen. There will never be another like him and that is OK. We all have the collective memories to literally look back on in the near weeks of video entertainment that he left us. That can never be taken away.

My thoughts go out to his co-workers, Jeff, his family, and most of all his new bride Anna. We can only know a sliver of what you are experiencing now, and if it's anything greater than what we have all collectively felt then Ryan was truly a presence in this world.

Everybody enjoy your Tuesday.

Here is the one time that I sent Ryan 5lbs of gummi strawberries.

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