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Ugh, that's ugly as hell. Assuming it's real, I hope this is just a redesign of the existing system and not the Neo.

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I get both perspectives, but as someone who doesn't have the time to play through the big releases on launch, I do appreciate them erring on the side of tiptoeing around spoilers. Even now, I find myself scrambling to find the pause button when they start to get into details about last year's big hits that I'm still working through. That said, when I *have* beaten a game, I'm the exact same - I want to hear their thoughts about *this* big twist or *that* cool scene or whatever. I think more frequent spoiler casts are a good middle ground but I don't know how much time they can dedicate to doing that from a production standpoint.

EDIT: I'd add that spoiler casts make it easier to find and go back to hear their thoughts once I *have* caught up on the big releases.

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Probably best to make your own thread rather than resurrect one from 3 years ago but, since I'm here, expect frame rates on modern games to be around 20-30 FPS on low settings at 1280x720.

I'M I nuts I am about to buy a 940m nivida graphics hd laptop for about 600

this will then plug into my tv gold hdmi lead playing fallout 4 and gta5 modding will there be any problems with this i.e framrate because I am about to buy this?

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Basically, you as the Master Chief crash land on Halo and discover it's a super-weapon built by the Forerunners to contain a parasitic threat known as the Flood by wiping out their food source - sentient life. The Covenant, alien zealots who worship the Forerunners as gods and are at war with humanity, seek to activate Halo because they think it will guide them to heaven. The game ends with Master Chief activating the self-destruct on the Pillar of Autumn, destroying Halo and escaping back to Earth.

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Holy crap, this video was amazing. Thanks for sharing!

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Weird. What's your browser? Does the issue occur in a different browser? What about an Incognito/Private window of your preferred browser? Any AdBlock extensions you can disable on Giant Bomb to see if that makes any difference?

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@donaldrump: So... this sort of feels like a bit of a loaded question, and I tend to avoid posting in these kinds of threads because sexism is such a sensitive topic across the board, but your post did make me feel compelled to respectfully disagree on a few of your points.

First, you seem to accept it as a given that sexism exists in games, as evidenced by your question being, "How can we stop sexism in games?" instead of, "Does sexism exist in games?". I think it's important when making these kinds of arguments to determine whether there's a widely-accepted consensus around what you're presuming going into your main argument, and I don't think such a consensus exists fully around sexism in games (though I could be wrong).

If we do accept that sexism exists in games (personally, I'm of the feeling that there are probably sexist elements in games but I don't think it's pervasive and I don't find it distracting or offensive) and move on to your main argument, however, I do still disagree somewhat with a few of your points. You talk about the sexualization of the character in your screenshot and her revealing outfit, but there are examples of the same in male characters as well. I don't know the ratio of revealing outfits on women to revealing outfits on men (I'd wager it's probably weighted more heavily towards women), but I think it's a bit disingenuous to paint it solely as an issue affecting women - sexism affects men and women (likely to different degrees - but it shouldn't be a competition).

You also argue that the character in your screenshot is unrealistic in terms of body composition for a mercenary fighting robots. While it'd be easy to quip that realism in a game about mercenaries fighting robots probably isn't a fair thing to expect, I'd make the hopefully-more-nuanced counter-argument that games, like other forms of storytelling, are fantasies and not necessarily intended to fully and accurately represent all aspects of reality across the board. If the woman in your screenshot were fighting ASIMO or Roombas throughout the game, I don't think it'd be all that fun! I don't personally believe that anybody playing a game where the protagonist is a scantily-clad woman (or steroid-infused man) feels that those characters are the ideal representations of who should combat the game's threats should the fantasy exist in reality. As such, I'm somewhat hard-pressed to find much harm in such depictions, particularly without any hard, extensive evidence - to my knowledge - of a direct relationship between the players of such games and their negative treatment of women or men based on their sex in real life.

As for stopping this - I think the most effective method, if you feel it to be a problem, is to vote with your wallet. Games are a business and companies like Activision, Sega, EA and so forth are in it to make money. If the games they make no longer attract enough sales to make them financially successful, they'll stop making them.


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I cannot recommend against getting a 17 inch laptop strongly enough. They are heavy as shit and a pain in the ass to lug around. I don't know much about gaming laptops, but maybe get something like the Razer Blade ( or 13" Alienware (

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The premise is that a man created a near-perfect VR simulation, got rich, then died, leaving his fortune to whoever could solve a series of riddles embedded in the simulation. Years later, day-to-day life across the world is largely lived inside the simulation and most people think the fortune is a myth until the main character, your stereotypical pompous neckbeard teen, solves the first riddle using his knowledge of 80's pop culture and video games, with which the creator of the simulation is obsessed. This kicks off a race between the main character, his group of friends, and a faceless multi-national evil corporation to try and solve the rest of the riddles and claim the prize at the end.

The book is terrible, might I add. It really is just a badly-written nerd fantasy. Why it became such a hit is beyond me.

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I posted this elsewhere on the Internet. Spoiler heavy - be warned!

Huge Jurassic Park fan, just got back from seeing it. I thought it was mostly good. Really uneven, though.


Arriving at Isla Nublar

This was one of two sequences that got me teary eyed. Finally, a working Jurassic Park. A beautiful island paradise with dinosaurs everywhere. And when the music swells and the classic theme comes in? Waterworks.

Chris Pratt's Raptor Squad

Pretty much everything involving the raptors was great. I loved the nighttime sequence when they're finally let loose from their paddock and start hunting the Indominus Rex - and when they turn on Pratt and start munching on some InGen grunts.

Dinosaur Petting Zoo

A callback to Lex riding the baby triceratops in the original book, seeing all these kids getting to enjoy the dinosaurs was fantastic. In this universe, dinosaurs have been around longer than these kids have been alive - hell, longer than most of the characters have been alive. Just a fun scene.

The Mosasaur

Pretty much everything involving the Mosasaur was great - it was way too big, obviously, but I can easily head canon it away and say that they intentionally made it large to be more attractive to visitors. Seeing the three-way tag team of the T-Rex, raptors, and Mosasaur take down the Indominus Rex was awesome.

Old Visitors Center

The second time I got teary-eyed. Watching the characters brush the dust off of the old "WHEN DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH" banner, glance at the raptor painting in the dining hall, play with the night-vision goggles, and repair the old jeep was fantastic. They even had the old walkie-talkies in those slots from the first film.

Half of the dialogue

There were some good moments in the dialogue. I liked the control center guy with the retro Jurassic Park shirt mocking the suits over their corporate-sponsored dinosaurs, and Wu's rant with Masrani over how they've been genetically modifying dinosaurs the whole time was right on the mark. Chris Pratt's rapport with the raptors was similarly effective - I really felt like his character knew the raptors and when they were getting out of line. Kind of reminded me of someone reprimanding their cat or dog.


The other half of the dialogue

Christ, there are some awful lines in here. Instead of Owen and Claire talking about their history together, why not show an old photo of them in Owen's bungalow or something? And when Claire is on the phone with her sister and saying something to the effect of, "You're using Mom's lines now," like, c'mon, I know you're sisters. You don't need to beat me over the head with establishing your relationship.

Characters and relationships

Speaking of relationships, I didn't buy Owen and Claire getting together at all. They liked each other enough to apparently go on all of one date in the past, and suddenly after a half day together, they're making out in the middle of a pterosaur attack? What? And D'Onofrio's character was one mustache twirl away from being a cartoon character. Masrani was inconsistent - he's, I guess, envisioning himself as the next John Hammond by saying that he cares about his guests having fun and not worrying about the numbers, but then investing all this money into the Indominus Rex and throwing away lives trying to capture it alive. Then, he morphs into Tony Stark and decides to fly a helicopter into action because, for some reason, his instructor was the only other person on the island who could fly a helicopter. No, you know, Lifeflight or anything like that. The two brothers seemed to be having a hell of a good time running around the park - I didn't buy them being scared in the slightest.


Mostly bad during the day, better at night. Still not better than Jurassic Park, 22 years later. If you don't want to invest the money into good CGI or animatronics, don't put CGI scenes into your script. Simple as that.

The fan service

Look, I'm a huge Jurassic Park fan, but if I wanted to watch Jurassic Park, I'd go watch Jurassic Park. A lot of this movie felt like they picked the scenes from the old movies that they liked and remade them. Characters are moved by a sick or dying herbivore? Check. Parents getting a divorce? Check. Greedy park employee steals embryos from their employer? Check. Raptors surround the protagonists during the climax of the movie at the visitors center? Check. T-Rex saves the day? Check. Dinosaur containment failure causes a recall of park vehicles, but two children end up stuck in the jungle when they're attacked by an antagonistic predator and are only protected by a sheet of glass before escaping down a steep drop? Check.

Lazy script

I know that there has to be a certain level of stupidity among the characters for there to be a movie, but my suspension of disbelief was getting strained at times. How often did electronic communication failures cause characters to be unable to relay important information to one another? I counted at least three - the control center being unable to tell Owen et al to get out of the Indominus Rex paddock, Claire being unable to tell the kids to take the gyrosphere back, and Owen's buddy being unable to tell him that InGen was invading the island. How about not using the helicopter at the very beginning to scout out and tranq the Indominus Rex? Why can't Wu tell his boss exactly what they put into the Indominus Rex? Why doesn't Claire change into boots at any point during the film, especially when Owen specifically calls her out on it as soon as they decide to go on their adventure together?

The Indominus Rex

Good concept - I like the idea of them making this ferocious creature that's essentially insane because of its total lack of exposure to the world and competing natural instincts. However, the design was just kind of lame looking and I thought the creature's roar was underwhelming. The T-Rex has a commanding presence whenever it's on screen, but the Indominus Rex is just sort of there.


Jurassic World had a lot of cool moments, but it also had a lot of dumb parts. I wish it were better - obviously - but it could have been a lot worse. Overall, it's no where close to the first one, but it's better than Jurassic Park III and probably (probably) better than The Lost World. Go see it and support dinosaurs on the big screen, at least!