Don't EVER buy anything from the Capcom Store

I specifically ordered from Capcom because the Giant Bomb guys raved about their attention to their community.  I wanted to do business with a company like that, but they have done everything in their power to screw me.  You should NEVER buy something from the Capcom store.  Ever.

I ordered a $150 Tournament Stick to play Marvel vs Capcom 2 with (I have a cabinet of the first one, and was looking forward to playing online).  Basically, Capcom decided to take the opportunity to bend me over the table and show me how much they appreciated me as a customer.  I still cannot sit down.  Basically, they've made me pay for this damned arcade stick and I am out $300 and STILL don't have an arcade stick.

I ordered on June 24th.  On July 17th, I ask where it is--they say it was delivered on July 3rd.  It wasn't.  Two days later, after several emails, they let me know that they are shipping another one to me and I will get an email confirming shipping.  10 days later I still haven't received a confirmation!  On July 28th, I reply--and at that point, they stop replying to me altogether.  I go to Twitter, and @Capcom_Unity tells me to go to the forums and PM Kramez so I sign up for the forum.  AFTER THREE DAYS of complaining on the forum I am finally told that I need to place ANOTHER order, and pay extra for shipping and they will refund my original order and REFUSE TO REFUND MY MONEY!!!  I'm pissed, but I just it resolved, so I place the order less than 30 minutes after received the email.  (To be fair, DJay did offer to help me, and apparently he runs for Capcom store, but I have no idea whether or not he did anything.  Nice guy, though.)

Now, 3 days later I have not received confirmation of my Tournament Stick being order OR my refund on my first order.  My first order was $163, my second was $5 more ($168), so I am currently out $331 and have ZERO Tournament Sticks.  And it has been over a month and a half.

WHAT TYPE OF COMPANY WOULD SCREW OVER ITS CUSTOMERS LIKE THIS?  What other company would charge extra when a person doesn't receive the item they ordered?  What type of company stops returning emails from their customers or promises to ship them and item and then never does? 

Most companies would be horrified to learn that their customers are being treated this way.  Not Capcom.  I've talked to the guy who runs the store and Seth, and STILL my issue is unresolved.

Here is a record of some of the communications I have had with Capcom:

July 17th
I finally checked the tracking information on my package and it says that it arrived on July 3rd.  It didn't.  I checked at the post office and they said it had arrived, as well.

I never received my order, is there a way for you to check and see if it was returned to you?

Thank you,
Kyle Sellers

July 17th

Dear Kyle Sellers,

Thank you for contacting the Capcom Online Store.

We show that this product was delivered on 7/3/09 to the address listed below:


Please check around your house to verify if the package was dropped off.

Chad H.
Capcom Online Store
Customer Service

July 18th
I live in a townhouse, and I never received it.  Nor did my neighbor
whose door is across from mine.

Kyle Sellers

July 19th

Dear Kyle Sellers,
Thank you for contacting the Capcom Online Store.

We apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused.  A request has been submitted to reship your product.  You will be notified by email when the product is shipped.

Dennis H.
Capcom Online Store
Customer Service

July 28th
It has been 10 days and I have not gotten either a shipping confirmation or an update.  It has been over a month since I ordered the stick.

Can you either give me an update or a refund, this is getting ridiculous.
Kyle Sellers.

THERE WAS NEVER ANY REPLY TO THE ABOVE EMAIL, SO I WENT TO TWITTER.  @Capcom_Unity told me to go to the forums.  I created these posts:

And when there was no response after a couple days, I posted these:


July 31st

Thank you for contacting the Capcom Online Store.

We show the order was delivered via USPS tracking number [REDACTED].  As we are not responsible for lost or stolen shipments, we are only able to refund the order once a new order has been placed.  Please use a traceable method of shipping along with the code TENOFFUPS2DAY to receive $10 UPS ground. To place a new order, go to:

  - Add the product(s) you wish to purchase to the shopping cart. If you are attempting to place an order from a promotional offer, please use the link provided by that offer. If the incorrect pricing appears, empty your shopping cart and try again.

  - Once all items you wish to purchase are in the shopping cart, proceed to the checkout.
We recommend when placing an order that you enter your billing information exactly as it appears on your credit card billing statement. If your middle initial appears on your credit card, please include it.

If you receive an error message, please reply with the error number, if available. Also include the order number if available (found in the shopping cart before you click the "Proceed to Checkout" button).

Once the new order is placed, please reply to this email with the new order number and we will refund the previous purchase.

Alexander L.
Capcom Online Store
Customer Service


MY RESPONSE (After I went ahead and paid ANOTHER $168!):

July 31st (roughly 30 minutes after receiving the last email)

Thank you for responding, I was growing quite concerned and considering initiating a chargeback.  I don't understand why I need to place an order when I was told on July 24th that it would be shipping soon.  I cannot believe that I am sending you MORE money after the poor customer service I have received.

I just placed the replacement order, but I have not gotten a confirmation number, yet.  Maybe you can check on your end... the whole site seems slow and laggy, but it says: "Thank you for your order. Your order is being processed and you will be notified of the result shortly."

Please refund my previous purchase today.  If there is ANY REASON that you cannot refund my previous purchase today, I EXPECT to be notified of the delay.

I have to say, this has been one of the worst customer experiences of my life, and I doubt I would ever order from the Capcom store again.  I understand when things go wrong, but the fact that no one was responding to my emails, that I had to register for a forum, and that I had to contact multiple people on the forums to get any sort of response seems unreasonable.

Again, I just spent $150 to play a $15 XBLA game because I am such a fan of Capcom.  I wish this had all gone much smoother, and I hope you will do something to prevent this in the future.

Kyle Sellers
It has been FOUR days and I have not received a refund on the first Tournament Stick, nor have I received a response to my email.  I have no idea when or if I will receive a refund.  But when I receive the Tournament Stick, I am returning it immediately.  I come from a background in customer service, so maybe I am particularly sensitive to poor customer service--I don't know.  Does it seem unreasonable to be upset about a transaction going down like this?

Regardless, I will never buy another product from the Capcom store.  Capcom makes some great games, and I will continue to support them as a developer, but I am not likely to buy Marvel vs Capcom 2 or a Capcom branded arcade stick.  Of course, if one person at Capcom would apologize and take the VERY little effort it would require to make this situation right (and refund the additional absurd shipping charges), I would be very appreciative.  I don't blame companies for things going wrong--but I do blame them for not caring enough to make them right.