Succubus Mode!

I have found that I don't like playing MW2 online unless I have a friend I can talk to or coordinate with in the game.  The reason is that I suck without someone on my team I can talk to.  My friends say the opposite,  They do well without me, where I can only do well with them.  So whenever we play together I do well and they suck.  Because of this I have been deemed an FPS Succubus.  Anybody else have any weird symptoms like this when it comes to games??


Fallout 3, Not So Great Return

So I had the hankering to return to Fallout 3 and just... dick around in the wastes.  Y'know, killing raiders, ambushing Enclave camps and looting abandoned locale.  Since my character was so ripped and little in the game posed a threat, I went on a "Walk About."  No clothes, no items, no aid; just a combat knife (Occams Razor to be exact.)  So I fast travelled to the temple of the Union and christened that my base of operations once I purged the nearby enclave threat when all of the sudden... I'm hit with that infamous UI bug where the foreground and background mesh and it totally fucks up my view, then it froze my Xbox.   
I restarted my Xbox and kept at it, regardless of the glitch.  After about 3 hours of dealing with glitches, bugs and lockups I reluctantly turned off the console for the last time that evening.   
Which leads me to the point of this blog.  Why is it that Fallout 3 is fucking great and fucking broken at the same time?   



I've already written this post 2 times and Im not gonna go into extreme detail again.  I'll just be brief.   
1. I broke into my House because my parents had my house key so I kicked a window in. 
2. I decided to buy Mass Effect 2 simply because the Mass Effect series has a better track record than the Splinter cell series does 
3. WTF is up with all the attachments and collectibles on TF2??  I haven't played in a while and I wanna know what's up with em...


Starting over... again

So I started blogging hardcore over on GameSpot and have followed the site long before the whole "Rich Gallup quit and then everyone freaks out and does shit" incident.  Now I think I'll transfer my blogneshism over to this site, simply cuz it has more Gertsmann.   
First thing that comes to mind is that I've been in a bit of a pickle for the past 2 months or so and don't know what to do.  I'm torn between 3 games...  Splinter Cell Conviction, Final Fantasy 13, and Mass Effect 2.   
I just... I can't buy all of them at the same time cuz college stuff is time consuming which means I couldn't hold a steady job even if I wanted to.  Eh, this'll be a decent first entry.  

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