Crackdown 2 and 'Splosion Man

So... Crackdown 2 is a Crackdown ass crackdown game but Ruffian left some stuff out that was really great about the first one.  The selection of licensed music is way worse in this one.  In Crackdown 1, I actually liked some of the music so much that I sought out the artists and bought albums from them.... which subsequently led me to my favorite German Industrial band, Autoaggression.  Needless to say I was kinda stoked about the music of Crackdown 2 even though that isn't something the game was known for.  My stokedness was not justified, however.
They also left out the friggin Pistol.  I want a goddamn handgun.  All I ever want in a shooter is a Sniper Rifle and a Handgun.  There had better be some sort of handgun selection in some DLC or something. 
These are the two things that really irked me about Crackdown... every thing I can say is gameplay mechanics and UI and stuff like that. 
ANYWAYS, I started playing Splosion Man the other day.  That game... *rubseyes* is so goddamn hard.  It's harder than Mirror's Edge and N+ combined.  So I bailed out on that game before I could finish but I did get something out of that game and it is this song...