Pulp Fiction

Way back when I was learning to play the violin, my instructor recommended the movie Pulp Fiction to me.  I find that whenever I respect someone I tend to take their recommendations of particular media very seriously.  Since I respected, and still do, my violin instructor I saw it fit to one day watch Pulp Fiction.   
Two years after she recommended it to me, I finally got around to watching it.  Here is my official review. 
I really really liked it, but did not love it.  I would not recommend Pulp Fiction to anyone because anything by Tarentino seems to be an acquired taste.  I liked how the screenplay was articulately slowed down and drawn out to make a handful of moments far more dramatic and suspenseful.  The character development was great and all the acting was top notch. 
I just can't understand why some people think this movie is so.... bad.  Please enlighten me. 
Also, I now fully understand this image and have not stopped laughing since watching Pulp Fiction and realizing what it meant. 

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