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Best RPGs I've played

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  • Great game with a disappointing amount of visual bugs.

  • Game containing the single best supporting character. I'm not even gonna say who it is.... because if you've played it you'd AUTOMATICALLY know who it is. I'll give you a hint, though. Meatbag.

  • Great Combat, engaging Dialogue, and an interesting political feel to an already great shooter/RPG.

  • This game, man. Wow. Something about this game felt right. The way it put off that old school dungeon crawler vibe with real time combat and a pretty deep weapon upgrade system along with the really cool quicktime events throughout the game really sold me. I never did finish it though. But I didn't need to finish it to know that this game is fan-freakin-tastic.

  • As close to WoW as I'm willing to get.

  • So what if it's a remake. I clocked in a good 100 hours in this handheld game and I STILL haven't beaten 2. Content aside, I must say I enjoyed every moment I spent playing this.

  • This game is more action than RPG. I'd say that this is a beginners RPG because it lacks player stats and armour. Action focus aside, I really enjoyed this game.