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My 10 Most developed Characters

The characters that affected me the most either by being the most fleshed out character or extremely intriguing in some way or another.

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  • Never before have I hung on every word of a video game character quite like Mr House. When he said jump, I asked how high. When he said kill, I did so, happily. Serving Mr House in fallout New Vegas fulfilled something within me I never knew I had. He was my hero, my idol. Serving him made me happy and his praise only fueled that drive.

    Maybe I have daddy issues or something but I know I really enjoyed my time with Mr. House.

  • Garrus Vakarian is the biggest bad ass of any video game, in my opinion. He is a quiet professional and is handy in a fight. He is the kind of cop that would beat the shit out of a mugger after stopping him from shaking an old lady down for money. He's excessively vengeful and violent, but well intended. His stories of Turian doctrine, battles, kills, and sexual conquests are all wonderfullly told and interesting to the last second.

    He also actively hates helicopters and has the facial scar to prove it.

  • Once he was killed in BioShock I stopped playing. His smart dialogue, his charismatic appeal, and his guided and validated stubbornness that eventually led to his murder all combined in a way that reached out an grabbed me. His ideals set his path before him and anyone that didn't think like he did he nailed to a wall, literally.

    I really wish he was still alive because I would love another game with Andrew Ryan in it.

  • The engine that fueled the narrative in one of the greatest games of all time, Glados. She is a great character, has lots of personality and sass and I'm looking forward to continuing the love/hate relationship in Portal 2.

  • He's Captain motherfucking Price. He launches missles, catches falling rookies, breaks out of prison, punches generals, slides you a gun, and has amazing facial hair. And is probably crazy.

    His 5 minutes monologue in Modern Warfare 2 really gave an insight into his thoughts. He seems to be noble and just in a way that wasn't overtly apparent in the first Modern Warfare.

  • Some people think that he was a terrible character, but I feel that the smart writing and convincingg voice acting combined to make a very human, very relatble, and somewhat dickish character. I really enjoyed hearing from Zeke in inFAMOUS and his betrayal and return was very impacting.

    I look forward to spending more time with Zeke in inFamous 2.

    Also, I love how he always says "Cash-ola."

  • "Do y'all know what suck the head means? It ain't nothin bad. It's about food."

    Ellis's amazing dialogue and sharp voice acting molded this character into a charming naive southern gentleman who just loves to be here.

  • As much as I didn't like playing Uncharted 2 I LOVED Nathan Drake. His charming one liners, his laid back attitude, and his impossible lucky breaks really make this character the Indiana Jones of video games.

    Also, Nolan North.

  • Is first of all voiced by Keith David and the Arbiter himself is a caring and compassionate individual. In the Level "the Rats Nest" in Halo 3 he stops to console the wounded soldiers as Master Chief, the dick that he is, walks right on by.

    Also, that last scene where he kills the Prophet of Truth is pretty bad ass.

  • His grotesquely eccentric attitude and high energy combined with his disgusting habits made for a very "interesting" character. All his bad habits aside, I would totally hang out with Seth in real life.