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MB said:
"Posts like this are precisely the reason why Giant  Bomb uses a five star scale."
Exactly, why I am in full support of stars!
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    TheGTAvaccine said:
    "I bought PAIN. Man, I keep forgetting about Theme Hospital, loved that game."
    Dude - get it! I don't use 'dude' that much but you've got to expand that love and play it on your PlayStation 3. Well, unless you have the PS1 disc somewhere. Unlike me, my PS3 has had its BC stripped out. Ah well.
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      Seeing as you need to be on the PlayStation Network to access the store, I thought this would be a good place for my topic. I have just got my PlayStation 3 and will buy Theme Hospital soon from the PlayStation Store. I did play it on PC and loved it. Played briefly on PlayStation (don't have disc anymore) but there was no music! I am guessing the same will be with the version on PlayStation Store. It's cheap, though, in my opinion.

      So, what did you first purchase from PlayStation Store (whether that be for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable)?

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      I guess this is the appropiate forum for a capitalization request? I notice Playstation Network should probably be PlayStation Network, right? Sony have always used a capital S in the PlayStation brand (well, its all CAPS for PLAYSTATION 3).

      Playstation Network --> PlayStation Network

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        Me too. I get a bit addicted with Microsoft Points. Oh, I'll get this. Aah - might as well spend the rest of my points on this. BAM. Points gone. :(

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          That back case looks rather dull.

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            That's a new record for falling through the map so soon on a video game! Don't think I fallen through a map since Spider-Man 3 (about 15 minutes into it).

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              It hurts to see that a great deal of money of mine has gone today. In the morning, I purchased the PlayStation 3 80 GB system. I think it'll pay off in the long run. I haven't played a game on it yet, since I was too busy exploring the XMB interface. So many advanced features and cool stuff. Love how it detected my media center. I was instantly able to play music, videos and view pictures. Really want to get some Blu-ray movies at some point - particularly Babel and King Kong, whenever they are released (I know Babel is due out later this year on the format). I will play games too - don't you worry. ;)

              Metal Gear Solid 4
              Metal Gear Solid 4
              Did check out the web browser too but it seems to be a standard resolution rather than widescreen on it for me (I have it set to the correct resolution). I later discovered I already have an account on PlayStation Network (heh, it's either from Central Station or when I registered my PlayStation Portable) and it is named Thorpe89. Can I actually change this account name without registering again? I downloaded the latest update and installed it. Didn't take that long, surprisingly. However, when I popped in Metal Gear Solid 4, it was about eight minutes to install it. So, I just didn't bother right away. In fact, the one thing that I wish my package had was some component cables. I have a HDMI cable (separate) but only one television in the house supports HDMI. The other high-definition television (smaller one) does not have HDMI. Instead, I use component, an analog high-definition format. Guess, I'll have to buy that component cable sometime or just get a new television. Can't believe they only put in composite.

              The PlayStation 3 was purchased in a store but after close inspection of the cosmetics, I notice there's a few scratches on top. It's been annoying me ever since I noticed tonight. I tried wiping them softly but they're not marks - they're scratches. I am hoping to keep the peripherals and get the store to just swap over for another unit (this was new). I'm not being fussy but really, I've had it for one day and don't want scratches on it. I plan to take good care of her. It's just a pain in the butt getting back up the store, though.

              For the time being, if you have an account on PlayStation Network, feel free to send me a message: Thorpe89.

              EDIT: OK - I'm being a bit paranoid with all this scratching stuff. I'll just stick to this (seems fine when you're not 1cm away from it). I'm the sort of guy who will just stare at his new console for hours inspecting it. I can't help it. :P
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                That's exactly what my PS3 looks like! :O

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