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There's not a lot of things that make me feel old, but the ER being 10 years old is certainly one of them. Geez...

Still my favorite piece of content on the site. Not to throw shade, there's been a lot of good videos throughout the years, but Vinny and Jeff playing through Persona 4 was just perfect. Best commentary team, one of the best games ever made, and one which lended itself perfectly to their jokes. Back when I first found Giant Bomb, these videos weren't the first I watched, but they were the ones that made me stick around.

This sums up my feelings on it. I came to GB around the end of the Endurance Run shortly after I'd finished P4 myself, and it wasn't the first videos on the site I started watching but it was definitely that series that made me "get" Giant Bomb. There's been amazing stuff since then and a lot of stuff that's probably better than the P4:ER, but when I think about Giant Bomb it's still one of the first things that comes to mind.

Your recaps of this are great as well and a lot easier to go back to then watching it for the 3rd (4th?) time, I look forward to sitting down with this one and a beer and going through some of it again.

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Just a quick reminder, this is set to start in about 4 hours so if you’re planning to sign up please do so. We’re planning to stream some of the matches, I’ll update main post with link closer to tournament time.

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And tournament is over! Thanks to everyone who came out and played, and thanks to Mace for streaming! Archive is here:

Hey all! A new fighting game means time for a new tournament! SoulCalibur 6 has been out for almost a week now which seems like enough time to hold the first tournament and find out who's soul burns the hottest on Giant Bomb!

The tournament is scheduled for October 28th (Sunday) at 11AM Pacific and will be for the PS4 version. For sign-ups we'll be using Challonge, where you can sign up here https://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/eu03aSPSST. For communication purposes, joining the Giant Bomb Fighting Game Discord is mandatory, if you're not already a part of that you can join us here https://discord.gg/G5weefw (even if you aren't into Soul Calibur but enjoy other Fighting Games, you should give it a look!).

As part of the sign-up you can choose what your nickname is, please have your Challonge and Discord names similar enough that people can tell who you are, so they can invite you for your match. If you sign up as "Goku" and your Discord is "XxW33DL0RDVeg33t4xX" while your PSN is "Yu-Gi-No" it makes it more difficult to coordinate matches and we spend a lot more time trying to sort out who's who than stabbing and bashing.

A few additional rules, please read through them before signing up:

  • Custom Characters ARE NOT ALLOWED! While I don't think most people's custom characters will cause any problems, I don't want to have to make a judgement call mid tournament for have someone be upset because they lost to this:
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  • This hasn't been an issue for any tournaments I've done, but as always ANY FORM of cheating (reporting matches you lost as you winning) or harassment will result in immediate elimination from the tournament. Main point of this is to have fun, don't be a dick
  • Tournament will be double elimination, meaning you need to lose to two opponents before you are eliminated from the tournament
  • Matches will use the default settings (3/5 rounds, random stage select), and be 2 our of 3. Winner Finals, Loser FInals, and Grand Finals will be 3 out of 5. In addition, the person coming from the loser's bracket will need to win two sets of 3/5 while the winner only needs to win one set of 3/5
    • Upon losing a match, the losing player may switch characters if they like. However, the winner MUST select the same character. To be clear if I choose Geralt and my opponent chooses Talim and they beat me, I can swap to Raphael but they must stick with Talim. If I beat them, they can then swap to Cervantes but I must stick with Raphael. If you have any questions during the tournament, you're more than welcome to ask
  • Players are responsible for reporting their own scores on the Challonge page. If you have any problems doing so or you accidentally enter the wrong score/winner let me know during the tournament and I can fix it.
  • Players are expected to show up on time. At 5 minutes past if you haven't notified me that you'll be a few minutes late, I reserve the right to give you a loss in your first match to keep the tournament going. At 10 minutes past you will be disqualified.
  • As far as characters/stages, everyone is allowed including Tira (pre-order only)
  • When selecting a stage, players must select 'Random Select'

OK think that covers things! Hope to see people there, if you have any questions feel free to ask here or PM me on Giant Bomb or in Discord, otherwise I look forward to seeing everyone there!

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@rorie: Like Doc mentioned we’ve typically just done a 3 person lobby with the 2 players/streamer for finals. T7’s are a bit of a pain since after a match there isn’t a way to quickly jump to the back of the queue so the person streaming has to ready up then wait for a 1 minute timer to tick down, but it works (most fighting games now how similar systems; SFV lets you hop to the back, Marvel vs Capcom and Guilty Gear have options to just spectate and set up rematches, etc)

There is also a built in tournament mode that lets you invite people and it’ll automatically set up the brackets and you can choose to either play at the same time or 1 match at a time, I haven’t looked into it much but I know @technician and @drjota we’re last night and could say more about it

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Announced today for DBFZ: Adult Gohan, Gotenks, and Kid Boo. I know everyone was asking for more Saiyans so thrilled to have more characters that are not Hercule.

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They also announced a date for the Fighter EX Layer beta, which is now the official title for the new Arika game. It starts December 11th and is set to go for 2 weeks. Characters included are Kairi, Garuda, Skullomania, Darun Mister, Allen Snider, and Shirase. I'm still a bit skeptical of the Gougi system but always excited to play new fighting games!

Punch Planet is also out now on Early Access for $20, early buzz sounds positive? Some people seem really into the art style but I kind of hate it, will need to watch some more gameplay stuff before I decide to dive in.

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I wanted Kiryu...

Noctis coming to T7, Turtles coming to I2, weird time for fighting games.

They also announced Geese is coming soon, just going through CERT and that they are working to reduce input lag further on PS4 and that's slated to come by end of the year. They also mentioned they've heard requests for rematch options in lobbies but nothing announced at this time

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Still just a teaser so no real details outside of it is the next mainline SMT game. Contrary to some early predictions it seems like this is Switch exclusive. In the original teaser it mentioned that another version was also coming to 3DS, this looks a bit more ambitious than IV was and there's no mention of it here so I don't know if that's still the case.

Either way excited for more SMT!

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Pre-Orders are up for Dragon Ball FighterZ on Xbox; the listed release date is Thursday Jan 25th for the Ultimate/FighterZ Editions. With their big bundles they usually give a few days early access, so I assume that means Jan 30th is actual release date for regular/PS4 versions which lines up pretty close to the Japan Feb 1 release. More of interest is the FighterZ Edition is $95, which includes the season pass with "8 new characters"; I'm seeing a lot of people speculating that the DLC is where they'll have the movie/DBZ Super characters like Hit and Goku Black (neither of which are Hercule so I don't know why everyone is yelling about them but so be it). 8 new characters is nice but $35 for a season pass is pretty damn expensive, though seems like that's becoming the standard (SFV S2 and MvC:I are $30 for 6 new characters, I2 is $30 for 8 new characters + Darkseid who you also got by pre-ordering, Tekken is $25 I think for only 2 new characters and Tekken Bowling). Math works out so if they're $5 each you're saving 2 and if they're $8 each you're saving quite a bit but still costs of getting all this stuff is starting to add up...

Ultimate Edition also includes 11 DLC Songs from the anime and a commentary pack, so expect more of that stuff down the line.

Edit: Nevermind, official release is Jan 26

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Ah so that's why I haven't been able to get to it the past few hours, that sucks to hear. I started lurking the SFV/MvCI/FGC threads a couple months back and checking out the general threads, like KenzinFive mentioned even though I was just lurking it felt like a small community around it. Sounds like it got shut down/protested for good reason at least.