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Cavia's last (and possibly first) hurrah 0

A bit of combat...Let me talk a little about a feeling I have with certain video games: Beyond Good & Evil, Deus Ex, Fallout being prime examples of this. Whenever I go back to these games, playing through them reminds me exactly why I love playing video games and why I'll always be a fan of the medium in general. While opinion varies on titles such as those, it can be said that none of them are perfect (as hardly anything could possibly be) as each has flaws that can irk just about anyone, ...

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A beautiful, fun puzzle-platformer. 0

With this almost being the middle of December and all, I thought I'd be all done with games that could really "wow" me, but Trine 2 proves that 2011 just keeps being better and better as far as video game releases go.So Trine 2 is the sequel to the original Trine, a 2009 platformer where the premise is going through side-scrolling stages, fighting enemies and solving environmental puzzles via the ability to freely switch between 3 types of character: a Knight who proves himself mostly in combat,...

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You're gonna get beat by a girl! 0

 [Review Score represents the overall quality of the game, not the PC port, just for clarity.] Hello and Welcome. I see i got dibs on the Oni section when it comes to Reviews, so i'm not gonna squander this chance to talk about this fun game from the makers of a little-known game called 'HALO' [chants halo theme].  Oni came out in January 2001 (just incase the wiki page doesn't state it clearly enough). It is a 3rd person shooter/beat'em'up which is more than 'inspired' by certain anime, you be ...

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Good Ol' Fashion Fun 0 almost Perfect. I say almost because, despite the creative and inspirational mix of gameplay styles between the Wizard, the Thief and the Knight, depsite the lush visuals, despite the puzzles that are built to work so you almost always more than 1 way to find a way around it...there's one thing i ended.   The great thing with Trine is, i almost immediately took a preference to the Thief (Fast, has a grappling hook, and is ranged...My Type <3 ), but i always found ince...

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