Ryan Dunn and G4, or why I gave up

I quit. This has pushed me past the point of no return. I cannot believe that G4 is celebrating the life of Ryan Dunn with a tribute on Attack of the Show. The man killed himself and someone else while drunk driving. They should probably try and forget he ever existed; but no, they are making a tribute to him.

Remember Adolf Hitler? Do you remember what he did? You’re probably thinking that douche killed a lot of innocent Jews, and tried to take over the world. Which is true; but he also but he also turned a 30% unemployment rate around and saved the German economy. Most people don’t remember him for saving the economy; they remember the awful person he really was.

We can’t let Hollywood tell us that they are more important than the common man. It’s total crap that they can get away with DUIs, drug possession, charges, and all manner of other crimes that other people cannot. Maybe if one of Ryan Dunn’s several DUI charges had been more than a slap on the wrist, maybe the “star” would still be alive and the person he killed too.

Hollywood calls out corporations as being evil entities, but that’s the pot calling the kettle black. MGM employees got away with rape and murder. It is insane ho much power they have. They flaunt it. They manipulate the laws to ensure they will be released and will continue to make copious mounts of money.

If you killed someone because you were drunk driving like a fool, how would you be remembered? Would you be remembered fondly, or as an idiot? Let’s not celebrate his life. Let’s forget he ever existed. When someone asks who is Ryan Dunn, you can say, “a dolt who killed himself and another while drunk driving.”

You can argue Ryan Dunn was a great man, but great men don’t drive drunk.

Now that we see how Ryan Dunn died, we know who ‘s the real Jackass.