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207794 Dear Diary, I'm Being Murdered Concept Overview Multiple holotapes involve you hearing people monologue about their situation momenets before they're eaten by Feral Ghouls. 11/27/15 11:24AM 2 Approved
148315 ViViD Game Overview Added information concerning ViViD. 12/03/14 01:02PM 11 Approved
148313 The Layabouts Company Overview Added another game developed by The Layabouts 12/03/14 12:57PM 2 Approved
131980 ViViD Game Overview ViViD is a small independant game that has been featured by popular youtubers such as NorthernLion, Yamimash and Raocow, and has been played by almost 25000 people on sites such as GameJolt. 08/26/14 05:43AM 10 Approved