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3DS, I'll keep it.


Another weird half ported game, Mario Maker 3DS, has come to the 3DS. Some are turning this as a turn off. Animal Crossing Happy Homes did the same turn. But this has not turned me off of the 3DS. I have been meaning to collect my thought on the 3DS and I am final going to to.

First is to start with getting my 3DS. I wasn't happy with the 3D gimmick from the get go. The DS lite was my first personal portable Nintendo system that was mine, not my brothers that I had borrowed. My first games where Final Fantasy 6 and Chrono Trigger. (Yes, I got kingdom hearts chains of memories but I try and forget that.) My friend told me of animal crossing wild word and my DS was worth it all. Certain design features of the 3DS turned me away. It seemed rushed on certain aspects and things really needed to be fix. It looked off, buttons in bad placement, and 3D wasn't great. I never have it on because 3D gives me a head ack. Soon a few games made me want the system. Before I could cave, my brother got me one as a Christmas. Shortly after Christmas I got my first games Style Savvy trendsetters. This might show the games I like and that the 3DS is a good system for me. I like more simple casual games. Simple store but has small goals that can always bring me back or just keep me going. Slowly a picked up games, but Animal Crossing New Leaf has been my game life.

Then the upgrade of the 3DS, New 3DS came out in Japan 2014. I liked the design much better. The colored buttons, start, select and power being in better places. But it wouldn't get the model I wanted, the small with cover plates until a special US release of Happy Home Designer. I quickly question weather it was a good buy at the game was ...good but lacked a little. But soon Nintendo was good to me and offered cool old games I want, EarthBound, Zelda: link to the past, and some more on its way. After using my system and then using my old system, I like the way the new one feels. So I am glad Nintendo is still going to make new games for the 3DS and for the most part it is still a selling system. There are so many games because you have the 3DS library, you also have DS library and the slowly growing digital library.

Pros for me is the travel and light nature for I like without a desk top and I like playing a full game and not just a tapper. There is a large game library with 3DS, DS and digital store with some old favorites.

The draw backs I find. Graphics are never great and the games that are decent are world limited and very repetive. Buddy playing games doesn't really work. Never have 3D on.

All in all, I keep the 3DS as my main game system. Ever so often I play something on my PlayStation 3 and the phone/tablet games but 3DS always gets me back. Now, I need to get back to that list of games on my bucket list.

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