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Mostly Cute - 3DS Edition

I don't eat much candy because I like to get my sugar fix from cute, pretty, and classy games. But give me broken, overly baby or extreme girly and I might through hard candy at you. So here is my list of games I enjoy. Note - Dating Sims are never cute enough and thus not on my list

List items

  • Again, you make even more cute in the 3DS animal crossing with now being able to get cool things in town, designing your own cloths, and custom colors for furnicher.

  • Final, a Disney game done right. Well animated, great fashion and fun mini adventures. This can replace my needs for kingdom hearts for the Disney part.

  • As cooking mama is in the DS list, gardening mama is taking the 3DS list. Although this might be replaced if Cooking Mama desserts comes to the U.S.

  • Scoot over Mario because Luigi is adorable in this game. Challenging a little but Luigi get you though it with clumsy style.

  • This isn't super cute but totally classy with English style and the art just makes you (or at least I) be living in that town. Two styles of games, puzzles with investigation, it's a must. As I like to stay, Layton games are the most addictive animes.

  • Kingdom hearts can still be cute at times, if you forget the over complicated story line. But it's always nice to see Final Fantasy and the World Ends with You done the soft tones of Disney style. Also, the pets are cute and the closest I get to pet games.

  • Yes, 80hrs later and this game is still awesome.

  • Final fantasy cute to the max. I am not very good at rhythm games but this I do enjoy. Aka, it's a harder game then my usual picks.

  • It only took 18 months, but the US (Europe got before us) to get the las test style savvy game and it's great. It has again a new simple story but now you have even more to do. Male fashion is no longer I. The main game but there is an extra mode to dress up the dudes.