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Want to Complete

There are games that at one time I started but for different reasons never completed. This is the list of games that I think I should go back and complete.

List made sept. 2016 - going to place a date in discription when I get each done. I wish for those tring to complete same games good luck.

List items

  • Zelda game intemitated me as a kid. The first ones I played just a little of was one and two and was completely lost. But Zelda - link to the past came out in a time that I was old enough I could have completed but never did. I read the comic in the Nintendo power but game was a borrow so never had time to play. I have played little to no other Zelda game, but this is the only one that I want to play and complete. -I am glad I have been around games but not the only one who really hasn't played a Zelda game.

  • I watched my brother complete but alway wanted to complete it myself. FF6 is the only one I have completed but I would be ok with adding this one to the list of done. Wish to play the original translated version.

  • I have only ever played a level or two of any Mario platform games. I fight over this or Mario World to fully complete.

  • On my 3DS right now, just need to remember to complete it.

  • I got a good chunk into the game first came out. But I somehow didn't click an event to open a door, and save it making it so I cute an event short and couldn't move on. Disheartened could not think of starting over. Now, I would still like to complete the game.

  • Rented from a video store, I didn't even get out of the school. I like the Terry Pratchet fun, but it's not a very good point and click game. Still, would like to say I completed it.

  • Played a tiny bit of the first ones but this is the one I am really interested in playing.

  • I was the little sister in the arcade, squeezing next to the arcade cabinet to watch my brothers play and with luck, get my one quarter to play Chung Lee. Where I'd mash buttons and beat the person who got stuck playing against me. I've always wanted to go back and play the story arch and at least tech myself a combo. Just wish I could pick witch street fighter 2 I should play.

  • I have only played the ledgend of mana. I'd like to play one more and as the first one has so many remakes, I can't decide, maybe the second one would be best.

  • Last to be added is Mega Man 2. It always makes me happy when people say this is there favorite. Mario and Zelda made me feel I would never be able to be good at video games in the late 80s but Mega Man gave me hope when I could beat 2 of the levels. Sadly, that would be all my NES time before my brother would ask for the controller back. Now I need to get this on my 3DS and complete the journey I started so many years ago.