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All flash, no substance 0

The Good: Visually Stunning, great cinematic cut scenes, a great new chracter, simple and smooth controls. The Bad: repetative gameplay (fight sections, boss fights and enviroments), the platforming and puzzles feel last-gen and bring the game down. This was my first time playing a DMC game and I wasn't partucularly impressed, while visually stunning the game has repetative gameplay that detracts from the overall greatness of the game. While the cutscenes and camera angles can seem cool it ca...

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Good but not as great as the hype 0

First things first, this is a very good game with nice graphics, a decent soundtrack and realism but Rockstar has made the game too realistic for its own good and as a result has lost some of its GTA zing. Part of the fun in playing the previous titles was the crazy vehicles and free roaming which have been really toned down which has come as a shock to many including myself after playing San Andreas. Most of GTA iV you are confined to the streets seeing the same boring style of buildings which ...

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