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  • #1 easily, in fact this may be my favorite game of all time. I spent 120 hours on it over 3 and a half weeks and loved every second. If <a href="">Dark Souls comes to PC</a>, I will absolutely S-Rank it again.

  • I played Dead Space 1 a week before Dead Space 2 to get prepared. I'd heard great things about the game and I'm really happy I put the effort in to play through both titles. Dead Space 2 had some really impressive moments and the game play was super fun. I decided to play through it on easy because I felt like replaying scenes when I died would kill the momentum.

  • I didn't really read much about Portal 2 prior to its release, so I was delighted to find out while playing that Stephen Merchant did the main character's voice acting. I can confidently say Portal 2 is the funniest game I've played. The co-op added a really a nice touch to the overall experience.

  • I spent 80 hours or so on a few different characters and worlds. I never got into Minecraft, because it seemed more of a sandbox and less like a game. Terraria's art style coupled with its more game-like elements drew me in when Minecraft could not.

  • More of what made Uncharted 2 a great experience. I felt like the first games jumped the shark a bit with the zombies (1st one) and blue people (2nd one), so I was really pleased at how they mixed up the story by adding a touch of paranormal while maintaining believe-ability (spiders, hallucinations).

  • Great environments, satisfying combat system, wonderful soundtrack, and incredible narration. These are just some of the reasons why Bastion is great.

  • Such an awesome magic system and great multiplayer support. The bugs were somewhat annoying, but the development team ironed them out pretty quickly. Magicka was my first Steam S-Rank, until all the damn DLC came out.

  • Wonderful little RPG with its roots deep in the classic RPGs of old, the likes of which I haven't seen in a new title in a while.

  • Great visuals, awesome fighting game engine, and a pretty neat single player story (although I doubt I'd ever play through it again). If the online offerings were tighter at launch, I'd probably still be playing the game.

  • I really have mixed feelings on this game. It was such an impressive offering, but in the end, it's just not a game that I can play as it was intended. I got so frustrated early on missing questions (truth, doubt, lie), that I ended up resorting to a guide for every interrogation. Even still, by playing it this way, I had a great experience with the game.