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@alexisg sorry, haven't been on over the weekend. This fixed the problem! Thank you so much!

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It was also doing this before and after the flash update installed, for me.

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This is the same for me. I'm watching in Google Chrome with no adblocker or anything, just a black screen but the sound works fine.

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@EnduranceFun said:

@Fin said:

I really hate how Patrick jumps on any fucking bandwagon that gives him an opportunity to be seen as some sort of White-Knight roaming about tackling the problems of the industry.

That's a big problem for me too. Whenever an issue pops up that has anything to do with women, Patrick makes an article or two focusing entirely on sexism as if it's the only important aspect of the story. It's because he injects his opinion willingly into his writing and I wish he'd try to be truly objective.

He does it because it's one of the single greatest toxic elements of the gaming industry. It's something that needs to be pointed out, again and again. Because if it isn't nothing will change.

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@NekuCTR said:

@Darji said:

@SniperXan said:

@Sweep: This isn't about sexism as a broad idea... it's about women being exploited. Your "Black people only allowed to get angry about racism" doesn't work here... I think your outrage is misplaced and very confusing.

This is not a woman. It is a torso. Just like this one here.

No Caption Provided

Except it was zombiefied

Ya, I think what everyone is overlooking is that it's just a goddamned parody of high art. Although it is extremely creeper in execution it has an origin routed in a joke, not sexism. In the end it's just a dumb joke that made it to production. Tons of lame semi sexist jokes make it to production, like most of the Tomb Raider series for example.

You realize that this statue originally had arms and a head, right? And that a parody of high art does not relieve it from criticism for a culture of misogyny?

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@Sweep said:

@MMann said:

@Sweep said:

I don't understand why the opinions of women were actively sought out in this instance. Are their opinions somehow more valid? Are women entitled to be more insulted? Why is it a big deal that women are weighing in on this?

Because last time this issue was brought up a whole shit-tonne of people made comments saying that P.Klep should do some "real reporting" and go get feedback from actual women instead of just giving his opinion and treating the site like a livejournal.

So he did.

Now people are angry about that too.

Well those people are idiots. I didn't read the article, I'm offended by the principle behind it: You shouldn't be considered an authority on sexism just because you have a vagina. Are only black people allowed to be offended by racism? This is bullshit.

I don't understand why the fact that women have weighed in on this debate is worthy of some kind of ethical recognition and, honestly, I think it's pretty pathetic that it's being flaunted as such. Shame on you, Patrick.

How do you exist as a real person? How are you a moderator?

Did you note that the women who weighed in were in some way affiliated with the industry? That they might have a grasp on the issue in a wider context because they are always engulfed by it? Are you a complete idiot? Their opinion matters because they are constantly affected by the culture at large. And yes, you dumb jerk, people of color have more valid opinions on racism because they are actually affected by the culture of racism. It doesn't make a white person's opinion completely invalid. Women experience objectification and harassment and sexism in a way that you never will. That is what the word "privilege" means. It doesn't mean that you are necessarily financially or even professionally privileged it means that your place in society gives you certain privileges that are not available to people of color or women. You interact with the culture in a different way than they do.

So, yeah, the people actually affected by the culture have a more valid opinion on the situation than you do.

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@posh said:

"why is patrick being all political by respecting women" i'm sorry the comments some people on here make are hilarious

you have to laugh or otherwise it's too depressing

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@crcruz3: you realize that commenting on misogyny is not a political view, right? Do you need the definition of political?

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I can't believe the amount of ridiculous comments on this article. This isn't something you would find on Kotaku, this is a legitimate article that focuses on the wider context of the statue and what it represents. It isn't just a stupid, harmless marketing incident. It's part of a consistent tone that emanates from the games industry and culture.

Stop blathering about militant feminism like 14 year old children.

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Don't look back is one of my favorite flash games, next to VVVVVV