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Shadow Complex Review 2

When it comes to side-scrolling games, I don't really know anything, as the closest I've ever come to one is Metroid Prime. But I still enjoyed Shadow Complex immensely due to the exploration, experience system, and leaderboards.    You start the game off with a total bad*ss, who has practically every upgrade and weapon. After you complete an objective, the story is revealed to you. Sort of. You then cut to Jason, a guy going cave exploring with his girlfriend Claire who he met at the bar last n...

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Great Game, Awful Design 0

The Conduit is a first person shooter that caught me with promises of having the most customizable and fuctional control scheme on the Wii, and the new technical engine made to take full advantage of the Wii's hardware. The game did deliver those things for me, and the gameplay was great fun. But the actual desgin of the game is bland, unispired, and dull. The story of the game revolves around Mr. Ford, a Secret Service agent who is recruited into the ranks of a clandestine organization known as...

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