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Mark of the Ninja: Fun in the... Dark 0

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to word this first sentence, but in the end, I think simplicity is the answer: Mark of the Ninja is an amazing game. Klei Entertainment, the fine folks that brought you Shank and... more Shank in Shank 2, decided to hit the cutting board of video game genres with a lightning quick ninjato stirke, boiling stealth games down to their core, leaving us with a delicious 2D-platformer stock made of impressive, expressive environments and an "all you need ...

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Darksiders 2: A Side Sequel 0

Death. The word itself conjures immediate images in our psyche. We picture the night-shrouded scythe-wielding skeleton appearing out of nothingness, hand outstretched to collect what’s owed. Maybe death is a nice, pleasant sleep that is simply never awakened from, or even a riotous blaze of glory sung about in annuls of rock and roll. The image may even be of the horrible, black vomit that accompanies Ebola, the dreaded retching, blood oozing from your orifices as you pray for relief and receive...

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