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Have yet to listen to the Most Disappointing section yet, but if it's anything like Best Style, I can tell it's gonna piss me off. Really gets under my skin to watch a year of Brad playing different video games and having no idea how core features work, not noticing big flashing UI elements, etc., and then when people critique RDR2 he says things like "it's not that hard" in a snide manner. Ben had to teach Brad how to play Bane! After thousands of hours of Dota! Dude is consistently an airhead when it comes to formulating or ingesting actual critiques.

Also, I feel like there has been a lot of back and forth in this thread about the movement being "good" or "bad", and that is obviously subjective. The movement is demonstrably slow and unresponsive. The menus are labyrinthine. There tutorials popups are small and vanish quickly. I think they (& us) should focus more on descriptive language in discussion.

I'm with Dan on this one, unfortunately. I play just about every western game I can get my hands on, but to me, RDR2 just doesn't have any of what makes a game fun. That, and the story isn't that good either! The ending was so obviously telegraphed on that Strauss mission! Why don't my magic bullet time powers work right as my friends are getting shot to death? Why does the trolley throttle break for no reason? Why does Charles sign up to possibly die for no reason? Why are there so many missions where you can't catch the person/thing you're chasing until after the game decides you can? This stuff is ridiculous.

It's pretty obvious Rockstar just wants to make a movie, and they should. They are continuing to wring out what remains of the "game" portion with each of their releases.

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While I'm not a big fan of the redesign myself, I feel like the comments are starting to get hyperbolic. Relax folks, it's all gonna work out.

My biggest hope is that the dev team has analytics already in place so data can point to genuine issues vs. personal preference issues.

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Some thoughts:

  • It seems like "Live" getting top billing by being the first menu item is counter intuitive. Live shows don't happen that often, and I imagine many users might just go to /chat out of habit.
  • Swap the location of the "Search" icon and the "Live" notification. Could have a little pulsing "Live Now!" Red button on the right.
  • Can I have a "Recently Watched" sub menu under Videos? I don't really want to add whole shows to a watchlist, I just want to easily be able to jump back into the last video I was watching. With GB specializing in long ass videos, I feel like this feature is sorely missing. Going back to continue watching UPF from last week, I've gone to Videos -> Latest -> Latest UPF Episode -> Play button. 4 clicks is way too many to resume watching the last thing I was watching.
  • The entirety of the frontpage being the latest content is nice, but too large. Not to mention, it's audio content multiple days per week. I know folks like to watch the bombcast, but I have to imagine the viewer numbers on that are incredibly low in comparison with other site videos / audio listeners of the podcast.
  • Individual show pages are incredibly unintuitive. I wanted to send a new subscriber a link to Steal My Sunshine. To get to episode 1, I had to change to Grid View (which should be the default), and change the year (???) to 2017. It is also labeled as having 2 seasons. I'm guessing these are the years? If I'm looking for a specific show, I just want a grid of all episodes, in order, with paging if there are too many. The current default that takes the user to the last episode, with comments on THAT episode (when you think you're visiting the show at large) and a small carousel view is just bad UX.

EDIT: Just learned from reading other posts that there is a Continue Watching carousel on the front page. I never realized because it's two full page widths down among 5 other carousels, under a huge image of Majin Bu that of course links to non-visual content.

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This is of course speculation, but I think it's possible Rockstar doesn't realize their game is confusing. From a development perspective, I would wager that most of the actual mechanical systems in this game have been in a playable for years and years at this point. After those are in a semi-working state, it's time to flesh out this amazing world with the perfect terrains, textures, animations, voice acting - you name it.

If you've been interfacing with this game for such a very long time, it seems easy to forget that any individual mechanic might be difficult to grasp. Playtesting is the answer for this type of thing, but given the breadth of the game, I can't imagine there were a lot of "full playthrough" tests, but rather "okay, now play a demo of this duel, how does that feel to you?". In a vacuum like this, any individual component isn't that hard to understand. Everything starts to break down when you're trying to read the horse sprinting tooltip while steering your mount and getting shot in the back.

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@merxworx01: Yeah, makes sense. I've just play hundreds of hours of Hunt: Showdown that manage to have slower paced combat with those type of weapons that don't throw in this oddity. Even WITH that feature, R2/RT for cocking just feels (like many of the controls) unnatural. If you don't cock after a shot, a pull of R2/RT both cocks and fires? The context switch with every button in the game drives me up a wall.

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If you're on the fence, I would recommend waiting, especially if you've played previous Rockstar games on PC, on the basis of controls alone. The thumbstick aiming is so bad you wouldn't believe it.

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This is at once one of the best and worst games I've ever played. Obviously the atmosphere and presentation is second to none, but this game feels like it's constantly fighting against me in every respect. You can still have thoughtful opening or looting animations without having to make Arthur clumsily walk back and forth over his target a few times to make sure he is at the proper distance and angle. The aiming is total garbage as well, though I'm more used to playing GTA on PC with a mouse, so maybe that has something to do with it, but it still doesn't feel good.

Also, many folks have said that "rockstar games have always felt like this", which isn't true. Obviously it was a long time ago, but GTA 3 / VC / SA were a lot more responsive, at least in the movement. Seems like with GTA 4 they just decided "we demand our games be taken seriously" - and as part of that made the character control like you are dragging around a marionette.

Also, on a side note, the inventory shoulder button stuff, while not too difficult to adjust to, just fees needlessly complicated.


Sorry for the rant, just had to air those feelings out to someone.