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Ghosted 0

Murdered is a game with an identity crisis. Presumably about stealth and solving crimes, it is essentially a strictly linear adventure game with a thin veneer of both of those other elements.The player takes control of Ronan, a hard-luck multiple felon covered in tattoos which serve as mementos of his crimes and misfortunes, who has somehow managed to land a job as a police detective with the help of his cop brother-in-law. Implausibility aside, this is a serviceable foundation for the game's gr...

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A Solid Introduction 0

Ground Zeroes is an interesting game. As a bridge between Peacewalker and The Phantom Pain, it doesn't do a great deal of storytelling. In fact, most of the story cutscenes from Ground Zeroes have already been shown in promotional trailers for MGSV proper. It's also very brief - once you know what to do, it's possible to finish the story mission in a scant few minutes. At first glance, it appears that there simply isn't enough content to justify the asking price, but if you're willing to do some...

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Light Prevails 0

You probably suck at Dark Souls.That's not a boast or an attempt at provocation; it's a statement of fact. Unless you've played a lot of Dark Souls, you'll probably do very badly. In fact, even if you have played a lot of Dark Souls, you'll probably embarrass yourself. It's an unforgiving game, famously so, and it expertly dispenses rope enough to hang yourself (figuratively) again and again. The PC release tells you up front what to expect: "Prepare to Die".It's usually the right kind of diffi...

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Ghastly 0

Call of Duty: Ghosts requires fifty gigabytes of free space to install. Fifty. Five-zero. It also requires DirectX 11 support, though you'd never know it at a glance. The first time I attempted to run it on my home PC, it opened on the wrong monitor, and wouldn't allow me to use my monitor's native 1920 x 1080 resolution until I had manually edited text configuration files in the game's installation directory. Once I got that sorted, the picture was muddy, blurred, and the game dropped frames co...

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Excellent. 0

Terry Cavanagh is a genius. He is also a motherfucker. Let me explain.distractionware's second commercial release, Super Hexagon is an immediately accessible game - its simple controls allow anyone with a grasp of the left and right arrow keys to play it, and its trippy, neon visuals and throbbing, ravey chiptune soundtrack are appealing from the start - and yet it is a game that will make you love and hate it in equal measure.Everything about Super Hexagon's presentation is aesthetically pleasi...

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Futile 5

The first Resistance title was the first purchase I made the day I got my PS3. At the time, Resistance was everything I wanted from a console shooter and the multiplayer options had me playing it for some time after I finished the single player campaign. It felt urgent and now, an essential part of the shooter landscape. By contrast, Resistance 2 feels like a game that was rushed to completion and paradoxically feels as though it was released years ago.The problems begin with R2's single player ...

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Far Cry 2 is competent, but nothing more 1

Far Cry 2 is a game with a lot of good ideas, many of which simply are not well-executed. While the basic shooting action is enjoyable, the context in which the shooting takes place is often frustrating, boring, and filled with questionable design decisions.For example, the enemy checkpoints positioned at intersections throughout the map seem like a good addition to the game; they break up long drives and often have useful item caches or diamonds (the currency of FC2). The problem is that these ...

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