My new PC specs! Torjans strike back edition.

Meh i don't have the exact specs written down but this should do:
My System Specifications
Operating System: Windows 7
CPU Type: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 660 @ 3.33GHz
System Memory (GB): 4
Video Card:  NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT
Desktop Resolution: 1600x900
Hard Disk Size (GB): 1 TB
This was built by a PC store nearby me. unfortunately for the last 3 days i've had RAM issues and crashes without figuring out the source of the problem, it turned out that the stupid stupid stupid employer who installed Windows 7 slapped, get this, PIRATED programs that were infected with Torjans and were slowing down my PC. the piece of crap Norton kept making my PC WORSE when doing full scans so i couldn't scan my PC until i got Malware Bytes and did a full scan and found a torjan lurking in my Documents, another was detected by the trial version of Nod32 and removed. i just feel like slamming my head into my keyboard for not figuring out the slow down problems sooner.
Here's the games i bought and playing atm:
Team Fortress 2 (SO happy to get back to playing this game! the console version's lag was unbearable.)
BF:BC2 (I still haven't gotten the stupid updater to download the latest patch so i can't play it atm but will soon.)
Crysis ( <3 eye candy to the max. i sadly can only get decent framerate at high only, very high is unplayable.)
L4D (Playing this game on PC feels right.)
Sims 3 (This game is LOADS of fun. i missed playing this game series.)
Diablo 2 (I still need to level my Druid in this game. QQ)
Oh and Keyboard+Mouse controls? WAY better than Controllers, i missed playing FPS's on PC.


What Anime's to watch and ...

Im really boggled about what Anime to watch next, i heard that maid sama show is stupid but fun to watch so i might watch that. 
I mess being overwhelmed with good Anime releases left and right.
it would have sucked badly if Ryuk actually looked like this, this was the first concept for him:



Like the "human-looking Ryuk" you mentioned before?

Obata: Yes. But in Death Note, shinigami are only minor characters watching from the sidelines, so it was better for them to not be human-looking or good-looking. And I never would've gone in that direction myself, so I believe the results turned out for the best. (Source)

 Looks like Beyond Birthday and Mello got together and gave birth to that. scary. i can already imagine the Yaoi fan girls shitting bricks everytime someone gets that thing together with Light or L. this artwork calls for this video:


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