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From the Bench: Axiom Verge 0

Axiom Verge is a game that wants you to know that it carries Metroid in its heart and wears that heart on its sleeve. From the faux 8-bit graphical style, to the midi-eque sci-fi score, and even to the shape of the doors, Axiom Verge spares no effort in reminding you where it came from. The plus side of this nostalgia is that the game is incredibly successful in evoking fond memories of the older Metroid games. The downside comes when you realize Axiom Verge compares pretty unfavorably to both i...

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From the Bench: The Order - 1886 "The Order is a stereotypical supermodel; gorgeous in close-up, but dangerously thin." 0

Ever since the YouTube video showing what was supposedly a five and a half hour play through of The Order: 1886 was posted, a lot of ink has been spilled debating the relationship between length and value in video games. Whatever side of that issue you fall on, two things are almost certainly true about The Order. The first is that it is, without a doubt, the most visually stunning game ever released on a console. The second is that a half-baked plot, unsatisfying gunplay, and an overall dearth ...

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From the Bench: Apotheon 0

The first thing you should know about Apotheon is that the opening hour of the game is bad. It's so bad, in fact, that my notes for the first hour consisted entirely of one underlined, capitalized phrase simply reading "UNRELENTING MISERY." The second thing you should know about Apotheon is that it does get substantially better with time, to the point that is it actually quite enjoyable by the end. Unfortunately, poor controls and unrelenting technical issues hold it back from being a great, o...

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From the Bench: Dying Light 0

Dying Light wants you to like it. It goes to great lengths to show you all the ways it plays like other games you probably enjoy. Look, it has first person parkour like Mirror's Edge! Look, it has use-based skill trees like Skyrim! Look, it has climbable towers like Far Cry! Dying Light wants very desperately to be these games. Unfortunately, the result of all this imitation is that Dying Light never finds anything particularly unique to call its own, and it ultimately comes across as shallow an...

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From the Bench: Transistor - Broken Circuit 0

Transistor is an extremely frustrating game to play through. This isn't because it's particularly difficult - it isn't. Instead, the sense of frustration comes from the sense that it wasted much of its potential. Like the city of Cloudbank it takes place in, Transistor is a game with a lot of great ideas. Unfortunately those ideas never successfully mesh together, or worse, actively work against each other. The result is a dichotomous game, with every high that pulls you in being followed by a l...

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