Bioflips in Bioforge

I found this gem in my storage

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After some research I installed it with dosbox and it works :)

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I made this video of some of the moves me and some friends discovered while back-flipping (in game not in real life)


Giantbomb is awesome!

I finally decided to subscribe to and I decided to go with the "have a drink" option. I figured today (my birthday) was a good day to use some of my extra cash and give it to this site that I find myself loving more and more as I continue to watch quicklooks, and TANG clips, and random mailbag stuff day after day. Btw, I think quicklooks are the best video game site feature ever, it's the mst3k of video games, love it!!
ok probably my first and last blog update since I a man of few words. I'm what you call a lurker
peace out!