FC Twin

OK, so me and my brother anime-beast traded back my SNES and a lot of SNES games to buy a FC Twin. If you don't know, and FC twin is a console made by Yobo that is both a NES and SNES in one. It works great, but a few problems.

  1. You have to use force to insert and a remove a Normal NES game.
  2. Pack-in controllers have a few problems with the down button. But this only happens in a few NES games and a real SNES controller would work
  3. NES controllers won't work so no Duck Hunt.

that's it. So far we only have three NES games and a lot of SNES games I already had. The Nes games are Ghosts 'n Goblins, Yoshi's Cookie and Rygar.



Wiki Points and Spore

So yeah, I've going mad trying to get wiki points (cause my friend Anime-Beast has over 200). So yeah. I've added screenshots to games, submitted items and add characters. So far only a few things have gotten through. I'll list them.

I added 2 Screenshots to Star Fox 64
I added 1 Screenshot to Donald Duck's Playground
I added Lost Kingdoms as a related game to Metal Gear Ac!d.
Added the character Johnny Vincent
Added the character Kombayn Nikoladze
Added the character Anna Grimsdóttír

that's them.

And my Aunt kept trying to get me a birthday present ever since by birthday (in april) and so finnally yesterday she coulden't get the gift so she gave me $20. And with part of the money, I bought the Spore Creature Creator. It's awesome. Well, back to messing around with Spore. See ya.


The Dark Knight

So yeah, I saw the Dark Knight just 30 minutes ago, and it was without a doubt the THE GREATEST SUPERHERO MOVIE EVER!!! Seriously it was awesome. Heath Ledger was the greatest Joker ever. Shame he died before he could see the finished movie. So anyway, later