Is This All Worth It?

I have a game buying addiction. I'm sure a lot of people do as well but I am convinced I have a serious problem. Drug users, alcoholics, smokers, gamblers, they spend their money on whatever it is they are addicted to. In the process they neglect the actual things that are important like food, shelter, clothing, bills, etc. and I am afraid that if I don't try and curb my spending habits I will be standing in my living room surrounded by game cases instead of a family. I live with my girlfriend and she puts up with my gaming crap, we even play some of them together, Rock Band, Risk on xbox, You Don't Know Jack, but if I don't do something to change then I am afraid she will get tired of it and leave. I think most people who are addicts know they have a problem, but like most addicts I also don't think I am as bad as others. You can always find people worse off than you, but it doesn't change the fact that you actually have a problem. I have gotten better, I am no longer buying games daily on Steam and my xbox live and psn purchases have dropped dramatically in recent months, but I still feel the need to buy games. Just last night I purchased Wild Arms on psn, why? I mean its a great game and I'm having a blast with it, but I'm going to play it for a week and then buy something else. I still have games sitting on my shelves, both real and virtual, that I have never even touched. I bought them because it was a great deal, or I heard something good about it, or I stole it from the video store because I gave them a fake address, or whatever the excuse was that I used to obtain the game. I bought the entire Sam & Max collection from Telltale Games on Steam two or three years ago and I just finished episode two last night. That means my average for finishing the games is 1 every year to a year and a half for games that only take, if you're smart enough, about an hour to complete. I have a problem and I need help.