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I need to play more video games.

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Just saw Avatar and man, that was one hell of a movie.

I thought it was going to be another 'all effects and nothing else' but I was dead wrong. I dont think I have ever gone to see a movie and actually ended up caring more about the cgi models than the people until now.  The most amazing thing is that the vast majority of it is cgi but you never really notice it like you do in other movies because it is so well animated and well lit and well textured.  Its not perfect and I dont think cgi ever can look photo-real perfect but its damn close.  It was all constantly believable, I never saw odd physics or weird lighting or strangely low res surfaces, at least none that I noticed.

The technology they developed for it all is mind blowing.  Just thinking about how they rendered the forest scenes makes me go 'how the f*** did they do that without killing their render farms?' 

A friend of mine twittered saying it apparently rips of Nausica and the Valley of the Wind which I would agree with to some extent, but saying that you could also say it rips off any story where humans are once again killing and destorying life for their own selfish greed.  Thats what it primarily was, an old story people are familiar with but it was done amazingly well.

The ending wasn't surprising and their was no real major things that happened I didn't see coming but I dont care because it was utterly brilliant from start to finish.  

If someone hated this movie it would be like hating a really awesome video game that borrows mechanics from other games and pulls them all off flawlessly.  It was familiarity combined with incredible visual artistry and its now one of my all time favorite movies.

Also the blue chick is pretty hot.