I need to play more video games.

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The Laziest Aza Awards for 2011 part Ni

Biggest PC Version Fuckup: Rage

Utterly incredible that the company who invented the PC first person shooter managed to at last ship a game on PC that was completely unplayable upon release and the subsequent "consolification" managed to make it that much worse an experience. The days of Id being a studio to care about seem to have passed unless Doom 4 manages to be incredible, and PC centric.

Runners Up: Batman: Arkham City, Renegade Ops

Game I Regret Buying Most: Duke Nukem Forever

In a year with as many dissapointments as crazy awesome surprises Duke by far took home the gold when it came to games I felt I had been outright tainted by owning. It wasn't just that I'd wasted 70 fucking dollars, but that absolutely nothing about the game was good. Even Duke himself just came off as a sad pathetic piece of shit, completely unfunny and out of place in the 21st century.

Runners Up: Crysis 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Most Annoying Sequence: The Asshole Demons Room - Uncharted 3

Very rarely do I play a game and get so intensely frustrated I have to lower the difficulty in order to simply progress. Uncharted 3 on my first playthrough was a game that at times drove me to madness. Man did they fuckup how that game played compared to 2. I just wish the alternate aiming option were there at release.

The Asshole Girlfriend Boss Fight - Dead Space 2, The Asshole Shao Kahn - Mortal Kombat