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The Laziest Aza Awards for 2011

I was inspired by Sarumarines awesome blog post and decided to do something similar. And by similar I mean totally rip-off his layout but come up with my own categories.

Most Addictive Co-op Game Mode: Last Stand - Dawn of War: Retribution

Dawn of War: Retribution's Last Stand, a mode carried over from Dawn of War 2 and Chaos Rising respectively became one of my biggest game addictions this year. 153 hours according to steam I've played and I am all too aware that at least 90% of that time was spent in Last Stand. If they actually kept updating it with new hero's I'd still be playing. Why aren't I? I... got all the hero's to max level.

Runners Up: Horde - Gears of War 3, Multiplayer Mode - Sanctum

Game that Most People Hated or Ignored but I Enjoyed Alot: Bulletstorm

God did I love Bulletstorm, I buy alot of games on console and PC now but this was one where as soon as I started getting ready to upgrade my PC for this year l could not get a copy of the PC version fast enough. Such an incredible game, so naturally its also on my proper GOTY list as well but it deserves this too since it made zero prophet, which is absolutely baffling given how incredibly fun, refreshing and just so good it was.

Runners Up: Alice Madness Returns, Shadows of the Damned

Most Shit I Collected in a Game: Riddler Trophies - Batman Arkham City

Seriously what the fuck Rocksteady, it's like you were trolling OCD people such as myself. Give us a reason to collect shit in a game and if we enjoy playing it enough we'll do it, yes we will. Hours upon hours of annoying pressure pads and batarang throws and standing in places I had no idea were worth standing in. In Asylum it was fun, in City I wanted to kill whoever decided 300 trillion trophies to collect was a good idea. You literally covered an entire game world in trophies!

Runners Up: Treasures - Uncharted 3, Servo Skulls - Space Marine

The Best Shotgun: Boneduster - Bulletstorm

2 things a shotgun needs to be: extremely powerful and very lowd. You need to feel like you are blowing a hole through space and time when you fire your shotgun, to not achieve this in your game is to fail at making a shooter. The Boneduster wins because Bulletstorm had one of the best arsenal of guns in any shooter ever, I would even say it rivals the likes of Doom and Half Life 2, the guns were that good.

Runners Up: Sawed-Off Double Barrel Shotgun - Uncharted 3, AS3Ultimax - Saints Row the Third

Most Disappointing Game: Crysis 2

Between clearly being built and designed for consoles instead of pc's, the fact it launched without DX11 support, the fact it was a super simplified and super streamlined and vastly less intersting or compelling to play than Crysis its sequel wins outright. I was so excited for this game, I was all set to push my pc to the limits I was excited to play a shooter with dynamic branching paths, clever AI, fucking DESTRUCTIBLE BUILDINGS and it had none of that, zero. Everything that made Crysis so amazing was almost gone. They practically removed the suit powers, somehow even making those less fun to use.

Runners Up: Dragon Age 2, Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Best Stupid Cursing Drunken Asshole: Grayson Hunt - Bulletstorm

Dicktits, dicktits! DICKTITS DICKTITS DICKTITS. "I'll kill your dicks!" "What? you'll kill my dick? what does that even mean? I'LL KILL YOUR DICK!" - he says this to a female character. Any excuse to give more praise to Bulletstorm is a good one, Grayson was hilarious and awesome to play as. Steve Blum's voice is featured twice in this category, the man really knows how to curse and act like a complete drunken moron which I imagine is way harder to do in acting than real life.

Runners Up: Garcia "fucking" Hotspur, Duke Nukem

Most Respectful Female Character: Ellie - Dead Space 2,

Alot of talk goes around the internet all the time about how women and females in general are portrayed in games. Thankfully the outright awful pandering and often creepy stuff seems to be getting fewer and fewer. Most noticeable if you look at future titles like Dead or Alive 5 and Soul Calibur 5, series notorious for their past portrayals of women finally seeming to clean up their act and be more dignified in their costume designs and proportions of their female characters. This however isn't enough, because we still don't get enough well written, interesting and perhaps even bad-ass female characters in games so we can only hope this changes over time. Luckily this year was decent for these and so I picked the top 3 that I believe did a fantastic job showing the ladies can be as if not more awesome than the doods in games. Ellie wins not just because she reminds everyone of Sigourney Weaver from the Aliens films but because she was written as well as any character should be, interesting, cool, reliable, likable and hopefully returning for Dead Space 3.

Runners Up: Trishka - Bulletstorm, Kinzie - Saints Row the Third

Best Use of Music: Saving npcs to Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler - Saints Row the Third

Licensed, unliscenced, doesn't matter which a game that uses music tremendously well is rarer than you'd think. And by far this year one game did it better than any other; Saints Row the Third. Never before have I heard the song Holding Out for a Hero and been so god damn pumped and motivated. Nothing was going to stop me, absofuckinglutely nothing.

Runners Up: Crysis 2 menu music by Hans Zimmer, Mad World during that scene in Gears of War 3