10 Most Awesome Things in the World That Aren't Video Games

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  • So the ones in the real world kinda suck and don't work, big deal. The concept of mechs alone is the greatest thing EVER and the sooner we get Gundams and Madcats the better. Some day people, some day.

  • "I really want a doughnut right now"

    I must have this thought at least once a week.

  • Yeah alot of bad comes from these things but overall guns are still cool. I'd never own or use one but lets be honest without guns 90% of the video games we play wouldn't exist.

  • I'm an Australian, so I have to love beer. Don't have a say in the matter.

  • Admittedly I don't collect many comics but of the ones I do have they are extremely awesome. Some day I hope to make my own.

  • No one hates sex, except well rape victims... moving on.

  • No self respecting person doesn't appreciate at some level one of humanity's greatest creations.

    Jeremy Clarkson would agree.

  • Whether disgusting, hilarious or just plain awesome extreme violence is almost always a good thing.

    Except in reality, kinda sucks there.

  • I tried finding anime and manga specifically but neither seems to exist on GB so I went with Japan in general.

    Without japan the world would be a much duller place and alot of our favorite games wouldn't exist.

  • Love em or hate em most people agree they add replay value, extra challenge and are just plain fun to collect.

    They aren't just part of games now, websites, real world activities, they're popping up everywhere. One day I expect to wake up and get a hologram pop up in my face saying 'congratulations you just woke up for the millionth time!'