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I need to play more video games.

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Best of 2015

2015 was another weird year game wise for me but I certainly had a tonne of fun with what I played.

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  • Like I knew it would be good and that I'd have a lot of fun with it but wow Platinum, wooowwww did you hit it out of the park. God damn what I would give for a game exactly like this but with 10 times the budget solely dedicated to including more levels and characters. I would play it for forever.

  • The most fun stealth game ever, and some of the most fun I've had with a game period ever. Real shame about all the FOB bullshit and the obviously missing end game content. Still what was there was so damn perfect and amazing I easily surpassed 130 hours.

  • A fantastic finish to a whacky and awesome sequel to one of my all time favorites. Man that ending was dumb but so great.

  • What a complete clusterfuck that pc port was ey, and for some idiotic reason I kept on playing, I 100%ed it while it was super janky and then I patiently waited for them to fix it and 100%ed newgame plus too. Sure I probably enjoyed Asylum and City more but man did I still have a tonne of fun with Knight despite everything in the universe seeming to want to hold it back.

  • Only started it on the 2nd last week of 2015 but apparently it finished up with its content this year so it still counts right? my first Telltale game and so far it was utterly amazing from start to finish.

  • Such a fantastic old-school rts throwback which despite being indi had some incredible production values. The only thing holding it back was how much more single player I wanted.

  • Easily without question the best Resident Evil since Revelations 1, which was the best Resident Evil since 4. What I would give for the main line series to be this good again.

  • A very nice HD recreation of one of my most beloved classics though it honestly felt like a tonne of its original personality was removed in the transition between the worse line reads, unusually boring new sound effects and some of the backgrounds and animations just not quite having the same feeling which is unfortunate.

  • God damn do I love the campaign mode of this thing. So very dumb but the sheer production values and even the writing somehow managed to go way above my expectations.

  • Technically the same great game that was on the gamecube but the new analogue movement made it that much easier to play and I actually got pretty far until the game reared its classic old resident evil bullshit head and I got so mad I stopped playing. Should get back to it though.