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I need to play more video games.

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Best of 2017

I played some stuff this year.

List items

  • Best game I've played in my 25+ years of gaming. I laughed many times I cried many times. Also 2B.

  • The number 1 reason to have a PS4 and one of the best open world games I've ever played.

  • Most enjoyable fighter I've played since MKX, might end up liking it as much as Soul Calibur 4.

  • War of the Chosen was a fantastic addon adding some nice new systems, some great new content and best of all: way better load times to a game I already enjoyed immensely. Far far more so than the first.

  • I only played lara's second adventure this year and oh my god the fun I had with this game damn was it cool. I 100%ed it. Literally, all of it, every collectible. No fuck you it was worth it.

  • Another game I only got around to playing this year and I immensely enjoyed it. Which is saying something as all past GTA games eventually got pretty bland and annoying for me but 5 was truly incredible from start to finish.

  • Its fun to shoot the things.

  • A PC Platinum release from this year. Still super good. Fuck I need a Switch so I can play the others.

  • The PC version came out this year too. And its still a real fuckin good game.

  • Up until I had a game breaking progression bug it was neat.