I need to play more video games.

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Best of 2017

I played some stuff this year.

List items

  • Best game I've played in my 25+ years of gaming. I laughed many times I cried many times. Also 2B.

  • The number 1 reason to have a PS4 and one of the best open world games I've ever played.

  • Most enjoyable fighter I've played since MKX, might end up liking it as much as Soul Calibur 4.

  • War of the Chosen was a fantastic addon adding some nice new systems, some great new content and best of all: way better load times to a game I already enjoyed immensely. Far far more so than the first.

  • I only played lara's second adventure this year and oh my god the fun I had with this game damn was it cool. I 100%ed it. Literally, all of it, every collectible. No fuck you it was worth it.

  • Another game I only got around to playing this year and I immensely enjoyed it. Which is saying something as all past GTA games eventually got pretty bland and annoying for me but 5 was truly incredible from start to finish.

  • Its fun to shoot the things.

  • A PC Platinum release from this year. Still super good. Fuck I need a Switch so I can play the others.

  • The PC version came out this year too. And its still a real fuckin good game.

  • Up until I had a game breaking progression bug it was neat.


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Another list with Injustice 2 on it. Hunh maybe I really ought to consider checking that game out.

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@slag: I finished the story campaign yesterday and oh my god was it awesome. Literally wanna replay it already haha. And best of all the ultimate edition on stream which has every single piece of dlc is well worth it right now. So many awesome characters. Production value of the game is astounding.

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Great List, Destiny 2 is in the exact same place on my list with the exact same's just fun to shoot things. Our top two games are the same too just swapped. Happy New Year