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I need to play more video games.

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Best of 2018

Another year where I probably should have played more but ah what I did play I enjoyed a lot.

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  • I adore the modern Tomb Raiders and while I think I probably enjoyed the previous more Shadow was still some good shit.

  • Not quite the perfect new entry I was hoping for, single player kinda sucks a lot but at least making dumb stuff is fun and no other fighter in existence is as enjoyable to mash buttons in.

  • Left 4 Dead but good. Also hilarious warhammer nonsense. Needs more maps and weapons.

  • The greatest turn based game of all time got even greater this year with a massive chunk of free content. It is INEXCUSABLE for people to not own it and the expansion. Sheer delightful to replay again and again and again.

  • Rampant server disconnects, bullshit enemies, stupid looking armor, tedious item crafting. But theirs a one eyed chef cat that makes anime food 10/10.

  • Warframe is a sickness of the mind that burrows in and consumes your soul and next thing you know you're spending money on digital gun skins and doing the same mission for 100 hours straight yet you STILL cannot wait for the next amazing bit of story content.

  • I played Wolfenstein 2 only just recently and holy shit what an amazingly stupid wonderful game. That one particular scene with you know who might honestly be the peak of all games.

  • Only got tekken 7 this year, damn is it awesome. Story mode is dumb fun, game is as fun as the series has ever been.

  • I really need to get back to that villain side single player and buy Broly.