I need to play more video games.

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Best of 2020

2020 been a great year for games surprisingly despite all the misery life has brought us. For me it was a big catch up year on a lot of things so a fair number of games I played were from last year or earlier.

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  • Beautiul art, music, animation, touching story, some occasional wonky boss bits but overall tremendously fun. The second of only two games to ever make me cry. Weird how many people have slept on this stunning work of art.

    They've patched it and its performance has been improved and apparently even has a 6k option on new consoles. Truly a must play for everyone in my opinion

  • I didn't feel a need to play Control when it first released last year, probably because of all the talk of its lag and load screens on the ps4 and whatnot.

    Not at all a problem now though as of its re-release. It's an absolutely phenomenal game to play on my new pc, runs like a dream, looks amazing, fun characters, lots of dumb great story stuff. Alan Wake dlc was pretty decent too. If you want to play a game where you're basically Tatsumaki from One Punch Man this one is it. The physics stuff is so fuckin cool.

  • System Redux came out in 2020, a very extensive remaster of this 2018 game and the devs did incredible work bringing its visuals to modern standards.

    An amazing game due primarily to its presentation. Jaw dropping pretty, incredible atmosphere, fantastic story, cool protag, fun npcs, interesting exploration of certain concepts and truly horrifying and haunting at times, especially the mind invasion sequences where you see the thoughts of the deceased made manifest.

    My first majorly enjoyed horror game in a long time so very pleased to have experienced it.

  • Played Gears 4 and 5 back to back in 2020 and I suppose this is more an overall acknowledgement I still love the series and these games are very very fun still. Eager to play 6 whenever its out.

  • An absolutely delightful RPG. Vastly superior to the first game and very reminiscent of the aspects of the Bioware games I loved but with some slight Xcom stuff in gameplay. Damn good stuff. Great characters especially and so much nice voice work too.

  • Thanks to a host of negative reception I avoided Borderlands 3 for a long while but I wish I hadn't.

    It's a very fun game especially in co-op with some of the best shooter gameplay I've enjoyed to date as the series signature infinite guns generation system has been significantly improved over previous entries. My friends and I have had a great time playing it and mocking the sheer ineptitude of certain aspects of its writing while admittedly having to build a tolerance for it as well.

    The art style is as cool as ever and B3 has some genuinely lovable great characters and I didn't think the story was bad, predictable, but no worse than most game stories.

    DLCs are also pretty good, and thankfully Tyrene is absent in all of them.

  • Company of Heroes + steam mechs = amazing rts. Surprisingly good story campaign too. Pretty neat it has a full non english setting with language appropriate dialogue.

  • I technically bought mk11 last year but man did it run like shit so refunded it. I waited, they fixed it, and one new pc later it runs quite nicely. Fantastic story modes in particular has has been the case for the last few but 11 and its Xpack truly did some fun dumb stuff.

    Not as many characters I love to play as I'd hope but still had a tonne of fun still go back to it now and then. I do wish I didn't suck at fighters as much as I always do.

  • I played Alan Awake this year. Well finished. I bought it many years ago and could have finished it then but for whatever reason it hadn't grabbed me but then I heard how important it was to complete in order to get more out of Control and it ended up becoming "homework" for me. And I'm very glad I got back to it and finished it. Game gets way way better as it goes, fantastic story and great characters.

    Fairly samey gameplay so if AW2 is a thing at some point I assume Remedy will make it much more fun and I'll be glad to step in to delusional magic typewriter mans shoes again. Maybe Jesse will be there! Maybe Control 2 and AW2 will be the same game! excited.

  • Only got around to Little Nightmares in 2020. Freaky and so cool looking.