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  • Has such a huge game library that I am still going back and playing games that I missed. My favorite console so far.

  • dont know if this really counts... I only have the 2 games that came with the ipod on it.

  • expensive, but has lots of potential

  • I bought this for 30 bucks used last week (july 2008). I got a gameboyplayer also and I am loving it.

  • great sytem, even greater to play the games on the tv through the game boy player

  • My first home console.

  • My very first video game system

  • Got this in 2012 and amd having a blast with it so far.

  • Despite the hassle of starting up this console, has a lot of great games. Think my favorite so far is Punchout.

  • I have had this awhile, but don't have too many games for it yet. Has a massive library of good games I plan on exploring in the future though.

  • Not as huge a library of good games as the ps2, but has a lot of superior versions of multiplatform releases, and has a decent amount of great exclusives. That dpad on the controller though is ridiculously awful though.

  • Probably my least played console atm. Most of its good exclusives have been ported off to tons of other consoles. Must have been amazing to own one when it just came out though.

  • Really like it even though I have few games so far. Mario Kart DS and Civilization Revolution made the purchase of the system worth it for me already.