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You will have fun with this game (this is ps2 version) 0

A pretty good shooter with a good replay value. There are about 15 missions, and they have medals you can win and the game is fun enough that you will want to go back throughout the game to win them. Getting medals unlocks new weapon upgrades so its worth it to do. In this game you take on a bunch of crazy gang members in hockey masks. I really liked the emphasis on head shots on this game. Every time you get one it announces it and makes a cool sound. Also if you are close enough their entire h...

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fun to play for short periods of time 0

I havent played any other gba boxing gams so i cant make any comparisons. But this game is a fun pick up and play boxing game. I never play it for more than like 20 mins at a time. But its pretty fun for a short amount of time every once in awhile.Its from the first person perspective so u just see ur boxing gloves floating around and the other person. You can block high or low. So the main strategy is to try to punch the person in the area where they are not blocking. Each character has differe...

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