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EB Games Real Life Eavesdropping Comedy


EB Games Real Life Eavesdropping Comedy: Paraphrasing An Excerpt Of An Overheard Conversation Between An EB Games Employee And An EB Games Customer

A Play Based On An Actual Event That Took Place
By The Internet's "LCad"

Cast of Characters

CUSTOMER - A man seemingly interested in some new release titles both upcoming and current. 
SALES CLERK - A man who is unfortunately perpetuating misinformation about new current new release titles. 

Act I

CUSTOMER: "God of War and that one with Jack Black"
SALES CLERK: "Oh yeah.  That's all I'm playing right now.  Brutal Legend.  If you're like me and love the '80s rock like Led Zeppelin it's great"
CUSTOMER: "Led Zeppelin's on there?"
SALES CLERK: "I haven't unlocked it yet but I know there's some on there"
The conversation moves towards being about the real-time strategy style portion of the game.
The End
(the reason I used html to display this off-site image is because Giant Bomb does not let me upload images for some reason dear dave "snide" snider please fix this xoxo)