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Gettin' 3p1c 0wned [3p1c] [3p1c 0wn] [3p1c 0wn zone]

Rememberin' That Curly Mustache Video With The Scoop Pringle Funny-Dazs

- Buyin' an Xbox copy of Marvel vs. Capcom 2 at EB Games for $40 in like July

- Findin' out it , after usin' the "toothpaste trick", that the reason the game doesn't work properly on the 360 is shoddy software emulation that won't get fixed ever.

- Considerin' returnin' it but not becuase it's still a collector's item and if I wanted to bust the Xbox Xbox out of storage I could.

- Not worryin' about it for a while.

- Findin' out on Giant Bomb that they're going to do an XBLA release.

- Decidin' to cut your losses with intent to trade in the disc copy for a points card.

- Not tradin' it in because it's worth more than $3 CDN.

- :S (it's a face)