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No reason to pick this one up, but it shows potential. 0

  Dance Dance Revolution is a long-running series, over a decade old now.   Console versions have been consistently released since the days of the PlayStation under many different titles such as EXTREME, SuperNOVA and various Disney editions.   DDR has manifested itself on the Xbox 360 as DDR UNIVERSE, which has had 3 releases to date.   Major changes and additions to the formula are few and far between in the world of DDR.   Almost any title is an adequate purchase as your first if you just wan...

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A Filthy Classic 5

The earlier, “classic” Resident Evil games often get brushed off in the post-RE4 world. After all, it’s kind of difficult to go from quick-paced, guns ablazin’, over the shoulder action to a world of admittedly terrible voice acting, ammo conservation and much more apparent straight lines. Resident Evil Deadly Silence is a re-make of the original Resident Evil (released on the PlayStation in 1996) ergo; it has a lot of the same problems. However, if you can put your cynicism on the shelf and app...

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Simple, spirited, spectacular. 0

Following in the footsteps of Brave Fencer Musashi and Zone of the Enders, Crackdown was originally coupled with an access code to a Halo 3 multiplayer “beta” to bolster its sales.  Despite being a blast, the game stumbled into discount territory soon after its release.  Though similar games have been released before it, no game has distilled Grand Theft Auto down to its purest action moments and then soaked it in even more chaos and death in the same way as Crackdown, which is why it’s so stran...

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Not "heartilly" recommended, but it gets a pass. 0

            After Final Fantasy VII was released, Final Fantasy became vastly more popular in the western world.  The eighth game, while similar in mechanics to the seventh and countless other Japanese RPGs, attempts to differ heavily in tone and story.  In doing so it becomes at least a memorable experience, if less than a fantastic game. The story of Final Fantasy VIII begins in a training facility for SeeD, which is a non-profit mercenary organization.  The detached Squall, the tale’s protago...

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Its adequacy is unquestionable, but its originality is not. 0

Over the past few years, Namco has consistently released games in the Tales series.  Tales of Vesperia is their latest entry and the debut of Tales on the Xbox 360.  Is this game, built for a new platform, significantly different from its forefathers of a previous generation?  Did the design team anticipate any major innovation or steps forward?  The answer to both of these questions is a resounding “no”.  Although it contains noticeable improvements, Vesperia is, by and large, not that differen...

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Albeit stripped of content, Mega Man 9 succeeds. 2

            Capcom, who has perhaps observed Nintendo’s use of nostalgia to maintain its relevance to “true gamers” and recently revived the Bionic Commando franchise with the sublime Rearmed, is resurrecting another dormant IP: the real Mega Man.  A new Mega Man with the style of 1988 and twenty years’ design insight seems like a surefire plan for success.  And it is.             Mega Man 9 follows the basic narrative and gameplay patterns of every other retro Mega Man game.    Dr Wily is up to...

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A neat idea mired by repetition. 0

While the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy (and Knuckles and even CD or Spinball if you’re CRAZY) is rightfully cherished by a generation of gamers, Sonic 3D Blast rarely receives the same treatment.  There is clear precedent for this, but that doesn’t mean 3D Blast deserves to get swept under the rug.  It’s not a bad game.    If you’ve ever played Flicky, you can think of Sonic 3D Blast as a super-glorified version of it.  The main goal is still to collect a posse of little birdies and bring them to...

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Mad Maestro is a thoroughly unentertaining game. 1

             Before Harmonix blew open the North American peripheral-based music game door that Konami had their foot in for years, most popular games of the genre appeared using a standard controller.  PaRappa The Rapper was born and created a formula for its sequels other games in the same vein.  Mad Maestro adopts concepts like “silly cartoon graphics” and “the illogical application of music to solve problems in-game” from the house of PaRappa.  What it doesn’t adopt is the concept of “provid...

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Delightful storytelling coupled with a thoughtful battle system. 1

            Have you ever wanted to play a role-playing game that was so linear it was almost free of hang-ups all together, but still managed to support an entertaining balance of cutscenes and gameplay?  If so, you’ll applaud Final Fantasy X for doing what it does, which is simply cutting loose a bunch of dead weight that usually appears in games of its type as convoluted and ultimately boring fetch quests that draw away from the narrative.  Because of this choice, the game lacks some difficul...

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A Horrible "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Time 4

            Even though it’s strange game to use as a launching pad for my Giant Bomb writing, I’m determined to write about Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds as this review became my sole motivation for completing it after all of the others vanished from my interest.  It’s a strange game because if someone would’ve told me a year ago that I’d be a big fan of both “Buffy” and “Angel”, I would’ve been quite surprised as it’s not really a “cool” show by definition or something you can easily ...

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