Treading water...

I seem to be going nowhere with backlog progress of late. Forza 3 is off the list, but Forza 4 and Metroid Other M are added to it...

I think I'm finally ready to get stuck into an RPG. However, I leave for America in less than a month, so unless I can knock it over in the 2-3 weeks I have left (assuming I'll be truly "done" with Forza 3 by then) I don't want to start it...

I think a portable might be the best option. Perhaps FFTA2.


The Backlog update.

Two games removed from The Backlog. 
The first is Final Fantasy 3 for DS, which I am probably about one third of the way through at the moment. I still have a ways to go with it, but it is not unplayed or briefly visited, so out it goes.
The other is Tales of Phantasia for the GBA. It's apparently a pretty poorly done version of the game, so I'm better off playing a translated SNES or PS1 version. Out it goes.


Three more games knocked off the Backlog!

Super Mario Galaxy has been 120'd. I haven't gone through it the second time with Luigi, but I'll probably chip away at it over time.
Pokemon Battle Revolution has been played through once, and the changed cups have been beaten as well. I haven't got all the Cups to Rank 8 or anything, and probably won't bother.
Mirror's Edge I went through in basically 2 sittings. I'm not "done" with it, after all it has speedruns. :) But it's off the backlog list as I've seen a decent amount of what it has to offer. Great game, too, actually.
Next game? Who knows?!? (probably Suikoden 3)


New Red Faction game: Not sure if want...

I've really been enjoying Red Faction: Guerilla on my 360, but this new one is looking a little more shooty and a little less destructy.
The addition of alien creatures and what seems to be a lot of subterranean environment is making this look less like RF:Guerilla's quasi-sandbox play and more like yet another Bald Space Marines game.

Hopefully the amount of shooty footage in the trailer is not indicative of the amount of shooty gameplay in the final product.


New Breath of Fire game!

Check out for the countdown to info on Dragon's Dogma - which looks to be the next in the Breath of Fire series!
About freaking time.  Last BoF was Dragon Quarter, back in 2003.