My Dreamcast games

Once upon a time, the Dreamcast was a fantastic machine. However, its terrible build quality (I am on my 3rd laser unit despite careful use and avoiding pirated games, and it's on the brink of death again) and a large part of its library being re-released digitally, has led to the point where I only have 2 DC games.

Shenmue and Shenmue 2 are games I long to revisit, but it's highly likely that I'd not make it to the end of Shenmue 2, simply because my Dreamcast is about to die for the third (and final) time.

I really hope that these games get a re-release one day, but I'm not holding my breath. It'd probably have to be a 360 release as I am guessing that MS is still somewhat involved with Shenmue 2.

List items

  • Sometimes I wonder why this game/series isn't in my top 5. I'm still not sure I have a good reason. I've never been more immersed in the world of a game than I have with Shenmue.

  • See Shenmue.