My DS games

The DS followed in the footsteps of the GBA in more ways than one, for me. The daily commute to and from work meant plenty of portable playtime. Once upon a time this list also included things like the Castlevanias, Advance Wars, as well as lighter games like Warioware: Touched, and more puzzle games. However, once again the list has been distilled and what remains is the essence of my DS experience.

List items

  • See backlog.

  • Played through this with three friends - one of us on Wii, the other 3 on DS.

    Really enjoyable - but then, most games are enjoyable when you have three friends to play with.

  • Was given this for a present. Very enjoyable, though I still prefer FF5's implementation of the job system.

  • At time of writing, this is the game I most recently removed from the backlog. A sequel in gameplay to FFTA, I liked a lot of things about this game, but there were many things I would've liked to have seen done differently. The new races were not really accessible, many classes were locked off for a large portion of the game, and the way you access new items and abilities is cumbersome.

  • It's Picross in 3D. My copy is Japanese, but an english version was released, so get that if you like the looks of the game.

  • Generation 4 of Pokemon finally fixed one thing that had bugged me since the original series on GB - the special/physical split. I had hoped when they released the third gen that they'd fix their screw up by making Dark physical and Ghost special, and when they didn't, I hoped Gen 4 would. Gen 4 went one better though, by making moves physical or special based on the move itself.

    The game itself is typical pokemon. Awesome stuff, just don't expect revolutions.

  • The obligatory third-game-in-the-series. This added a couple of new formes to existing pokemon, which was a bit silly, really. Still, as is the case with all Pokemons, the third in the series is the one you go back to when you revisit the games.

  • Following in FireRed/LeafGreen's footsteps was this GSC remake. Very well done, it manages to take all the best bits of GS and C, and put them together. The Pokewalker is awesome, too.

  • I love me some pokemons, but many of them are a little tough to enjoy if you didn't play them "back in the day".

    Black and White is a reboot of the series in a way, and it's easily the best in the series. A fantastic game.

  • See backlog.

  • I have the Red (GBA) and Blue (DS) versions of this game. The DS version is almost identical to the GBA version - the only real difference is the wifi support and the use of the second screen.

    As such, the Blue version is the one to go back and revisit. Better than Time/Darkness in many ways.

  • Darkness is the one I have. There's no real reason to own both in the series, and as I found the sequel inferior to the original in a lot of ways, it's one of the few pokemon games I don't have all versions of.

    Sky is the third-in-the-series, and it adds very little too. I haven't got that one, either.

  • See backlog - however it's basically the same as Explorers of Darkness/Time.

  • This could have been the best game ever - turn based strategy RPG in the pokemon universe! However the game is far too simplistic and shallow.

  • A great spin-off series. Very different in play style to the normal pokemon games, many people criticise them as being an expensive way to get a few gift pokemon.

    I love the playstyle, and have the first 2 in the series. Once I bring the backlog down and allow myself to buy more games, I'll pick up the third, too.

  • A sequel that improves on the first game in every way. I enjoy the Pokemon universe, and the familiarity of the universe makes the game easy to get into.

  • Another great Pokemon spin-off. I'm not sure I could say it was better than Shadows of Almia in every way, but it was very good.

  • See backlog.