My Gameboy (Colour) games

The Gameboy hit in 91, but I didn't get one until a few years later when I started spending a lot more time on public transport (going to and from school). I had a green Gameboy, upgraded to a silver Gameboy Pocket, and eventually a special Pokemon edition Gameboy Color.

List items

  • Sequel to the NES game. I love it - good music - but it's aged pretty badly.

  • Another great Zelda game Unfortunately I don't have the GBC 'DX' version. Good humour in parts, and the concept of temporary power boosts was cool.

  • Some criticise the "Oracle of" games, but seeing as I love top-down, 2D Zelda, I think they're great. Best played on a GBA/GBASP which gives access to a secret shop.

  • Seasons is better than Ages, for mine. Both great games, though.

  • Not a bad game, but not without its problems. The big problem was in the design of the world. Individual rooms map out logically, but if you try to map out the game (joining the doors) the map overlaps and doesn't work logically. At one point for example, you are at the bottom of a room one tile wide, with a door on the right. You enter that door, which puts you at the top of a room two tiles high. You enter the door at the bottom left of that room, so your brain tells you you're now one tile below where you were two rooms ago. However, the room you're in now extends up 5 tiles past where you entered.

  • I have Red and Blue. My Red file has all 151 pokemon. My Blue cart has a flat battery and doesn't save anymore.

    The games that started it all. I'm actually playing through Red via emulator at the moment, and it's not actually too bad. Either that, or all the faults happen to be a shade of pink, so I can't pick them up when I look at the game through my rose-tinted nostalgia glasses.

  • Not the original third-in-the-series game, though most don't realise that.

    Really, if you want to play the original game, this is the version to play. It was reworked to tie in with the animated series, with Pikachu as your starter, the normal starters joining you along the way, and cameos from Jesse and James.

  • I have both Silver and Gold. Unfortunately the state of their batteries is less than ideal, and it won't be long till the games won't save anymore. They can be fixed, but thanks to things like PSPs with custom firmware, and DS flashcards, they can be emulated quite well on modern portables, so I don't think I'll try to repair them.

  • The usual third-in-the-series and done pretty well. The Suicune feature was cool, and the addition of the Battle Tower was a welcome one. Too bad us non-Japanese never got a chance to participate in what was basically the first "event" in the pokemon series.

  • Generally I don't like TCGs, because building a deck requires a mix of money and luck. However, this is a videogame, so getting the cards you want doesn't require you to keep paying until you get the ones you want. The mechanics of TCGs are lots of fun to me, so this is a good mix.